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Mushroom & Egg Tart

HOW super cute is this tart? It would make the most darling centerpiece for your next brunch, amiright? It’s not technically a quiche, although it looks like one, there’s no cheese, no dairy at all actually. It has a layer of mushroom paste under the egg and extra mushrooms and greens on top. The tart crust is from an awesome coconut oil pie dough recipe that I use now for all my pie needs. It’s vegetarian/non dairy but could be transformed into whatever you would like. Give it a whirl! The most time consuming part is making the mushroom paste but this recipe yields a lot and you can use the leftover for things like dips, pasta or dumplings. Or fried dumplings…like me.  Mmmmm…fried. My tart pan is itsy bitsy so I had extra dough and mushroom paste.

Savory French Toast

I’m not even joking, if a restaurant made this meal for me I’d happily shell out 20 bucks for it. (This is, of course, going by Western food prices in Korea.) This is one of the best brunch foods I’ve ever made and for good reason. Most of the time if I go into the kitchen I don’t really have much of a plan. At times I use recipes and I adjust and change them to fit my needs, tastes and available ingredients pretty much at a whim.  But, today, I researched the best way to make a crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside French toast. I went to a bakery 15 minutes from my home because I knew they had for real rustic French bread. I thought about what vegetables would taste the best with the eggy bread. I thought about what type of “syrup” was needed. So, the bottom line is, thinking about things ahead of time really paid off here. It’s amazing and pretty much my own recipe.  Bragginess :D. …