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Mullae Art Village

Updated August 18, 2016 Mullae Art Village, by all accounts, probably shouldn’t be there. But, there it is, a little artist’s island in the middle of an industrial park. It’s quite stark with the ironworks surrounding the art, but it’s brimming with creativity painted all over the walls with murals and in the unique and eerie sculptures. It’s a great place to visit on a holiday or quiet morning. I went on a holiday and only myself and a few other photogs were there. I imagine that it is much more lively during the week, but maybe harder to take pictures. This little village is recommended for anyone who enjoys street art and paintings of cats. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of cats? See more pictures on my Flickr! Mullae Village in Mullae-dong To get there: Take Line 2 (Green Line) to Mullae Station and take Exit 7. Walk straight about 50 yards and you will come to the entrance sign. Just explore all around from there.