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What to Eat | near garosugil

By far my most popular blog post to date is a little list I made about a year ago called, Garosugil: Making a To-Eat-There List.   The post is simple, I just took pictures of random restaurants and cafes around Sinsa dong that I found one day while aimlessly walking around.  Then I posted them altogether for prosperity. Good thing for me that the area is so popular because it’s really brought a lot of traffic to my little blog! And this is one of my favorite areas to just walk around aimlessly. Yes, the main street is simply atrocious, but just one street over on either side and it becomes just pleasant and fun. So, as a thank you to those who’ve checked out the previous post, I’ve decided to do an update with a new list of restaurants, addresses and maps. You know, helpful things that I didn’t bother to include in the first post.

Coreanos Kitchen| A Review

On a wintry February day, I made my way over to Coreanos Kitchen. I’ve seen it rated quite high when ranking Mexican eateries in Seoul  and I’ve heard by word of mouth it was worth the trip.  A little history: Coreanos Kitchen started off as a Mexican/Korean food truck in Texas, which soon blew up in popularity. Since then, the guys have migrated to Seoul and have opted to open up establishments in Itaewon and Apgujeong, and brought their famed recipes along with them. Much to the enjoyment of fry-lovers, they also didn’t forget to bring their Three Wise Fries that were voted as being among the best fries in America. ~  Ahh, food trucks. Why are you so amazing?

Kimchi | Nachos

Kimchi nachos are a thing and they are really dynamite. KA-BOOM. The totally cook a rific thing about these is that you can dress them up just like any other nachos: to your preference. Mine were vegetarian but you can add meat or your own cheese. One thing you do want to do, however, when heating the ingredients up all together, is do use an oven, not a microwave. I’m not quite sure how good kimchi would be in the microwave and what on earth it would smell like afterwards. (Your microwave, I mean.) Plus, it gives the chips a bit more crisp, rather than sogginess.

Julio’s Mexican Cuisine |A Review|

After a brief hiatus from updating the blog, I’m back with a food review because, well, they’re the easiest!  I’ve made it my personal mission to get out and explore something new this weekend but, as of now, I’m sat comfy in my bed watching old episodes of Black Books and drinking a heavy dose of coffee to get through writing this simple review :D. I’ve already gone over my affinity for Mexican food in my review for Vatos Tacos. To sum up my Vatos experience: I was disappointed. When I asked for recommendations for other dishes at Vatos I was told to order mostly Korean Fusion Mexican food (like the kimchi fries…fries? At a Mexican place?  Meh.) .  I don’t mind fusion food at all, I cook it often in my own kitchen, but it had left me with no restaurant to call my own Mexican sanctuary. Julio’s is in my neighborhood (sort of) and without realizing it when I planned to go there, it’s owned by the same person who owns Pier 17.  So, I visited both …

|Review| Vatos Urban Tacos

The best Mexican food in Seoul? Hmmm…. The decoration is very nice and the staff and service were wonderful. Prices didn’t seem too bad for Western food. Until I saw the portions. While I liked the look of a fried corn tortilla passed off as “chips + salsa” I missed the feathery light corn chips the masters back home present. The salsas  were very good. While the roasted onion salsa may have been a bit salty, the taste had a nice kick and was really flavorful. The tomatillo salsa verde was also pleasant. Maybe the best thing we ate. An enormous fruity iced tea. This was the only thing worth the price. Super sweet and delicious. Mexican Caesar Salad Of the three main courses we ordered, the Mexican Caesar Salad was probably the most flavorful. I was really excited for the rest of the meal after the chips and this salad. They had the genius idea to add in pico de gallo and pickled red onion…oh my it works so well.  I loved the creamy dressing …