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autumn | design

Nothing is like autumn. Saying adios to 90 degree heat and the ever persistent humidity that creeps into my hair sending it whisping all over my head like a maniac’s crown  gives me a renewed energy. Saying hello to crispy weather, comfort foods and colorful ginkgo leaves makes it all worth the torture. It is the best part of the year and the part I wait (somewhat) patiently for during those other three seasons. This autumn: I’ll be making amazing things in the kitchen (and probably some disasters as well 🙂 ). Going to new places (getting my Vitamin D). And getting the most out of this weather. My Pinterest page has exploded with ideas, itineraries and designing the most autumnist of autumns. I will rule Autumn 2016.     to make wild mushroom lasagna by delallo kimchi udon stir fry by pickledplum savory tomato tarts with goat cheese by yellow lemon tree weeknight vegetable curry by smitten kitchen portuguese chicken with crispy potatoes by feasting at home last but not least, korean spiced chili from hapa …

Buying Cruelty Free | in Korea

Would you like more information? Please check my Cruelty Free in Korea Page! Where I’m from, in America, buying cruelty free is a simple choice. You can buy it easily (and oftentimes cheaply) from most stores. There is also an amazing amount of choice, something I desperately miss living in Korea. Actually, for the first six months of my stay in 2012, I didn’t buy cruelty free because I thought it was a lost cause. But, all it really took was a little research and I could have found quite a few options from some of the most common beauty stores and large markets in Korea. I’ll admit, it’s even easier here in Seoul. I hope this list helps you if you’re new to Korea, or new to cruelty free products, and wondering what you can buy that is not tested on animals-something truly shameful in this day and age. 😦 If you are not a cruelty free shopper, I’m not going to throw horrible pictures of tested animals in your face (you can do your own …

|Lush| Bouquet

For Teacher’s Day the mom’s of my students got my coteacher and I two huge bouquets of flowers because they are sweet, generous ladies. The problem with the bouquet (if you can call it a problem) is that the bouquet was enormous and I am a cat mother.   So Iggy freaking LOVES plants. He’d eat everything colorful and green in the world. He’d spill it all over the floor and rub his fat body around in the mess. He just loves them.  So I needed to break down the bouquet into more manageable parts. They make just as beautiful little bouquets as it did the huge one.