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Autumn Views | Seoul Fortress Wall

Time and tide wait for no lady. Even when she’s like, “Can you wait a second, I’m not like…super ready for November.”  Oh, there it goes. There went November.  It’s December! I know that’s a fact, but it seems nuts. November and most of October was a blur. I went out, did things, ate things… lived my life. And now it’s cold and dark when I get off work, so it’s back to blogging I go. I return to blogging season.   Sometime in November, I went on an amazing hike in the wilds of Seoul. It was sometime after I ate pounds and pounds of Halloween candy and was feeling especially awesome guilty. The trail is tough but worth it. There are steep inclines, beautiful scenery and fresh air plopped down just for the taking. I was thrilled to find it on my second attempt after we followed a very knowledgeable and talkative dad guiding his two kids to the trail. We were especially lucky to have such a beautiful, clear day to see far and …

Another Happy Review!

You guys, I’ve been so happy this week! We received a very sweet review with excellent pictures to accompany our promotional box  with The Homespun Chics! Sarah reviewed each item individually and has nice insight into our motivations behind including each item. According to their website: The Homespun Chics is a PR-friendly lifestyle and review blog owned and operated by a mom and daughter duo. We are in constant search of quality products & subscription boxes, crafty projects, places to travel, and delicious recipes. We offer fun reader giveaways and coupons when possible. The Homespun Chics strive to promote businesses and people that inspire us! A mom and daughter duo….too cute! And a big thank you to Sarah for reviewing our box! Please check out their review! NEW! Hanbox Subscription Box Preview   You can check out our website or put your order in for a subscription too! Hanbox    

Hanbox | My New Venture

This month my Portland-based friend Gina and I finally started promoting a shop that has been a couple years in the making…our own subscription box business! Our shop idea has gone through several key changes through our planning and vast amount of discussions. In the end, we decided a Korean lifestyle box was the way to go! We are in love with this idea! Now, it seems like such an obvious thing to do we both love Korea and the Korean culture. I have always loved shopping for all the unique Korean products and giving them to friends and family back home. Now I can do it lucratively! 😀 So we have created Hanbox! This is easily one of my proudest moments…this idea we had that came to fruition. Hanbox is our Korean lifestyle subscription box. Each month we will carefully choose the items to include from the wide varieties of Korean accessories, stationery, cosmetics and more. We chose the name and logo from the hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. We think it perfectly encapsulates Korea and her style. We hope …

A Peachy October

I recently saw a brilliant idea from an adorable blog, With All My Affection, where the blogger posted Insta snaps as a monthly recap. And as you should be reading blogs for inspiration, I will bor-row the idea and work on monthly photo recaps for my Seoul life.  🙂 October The weather got chilly. There was an increase in the kitty snuggling. I found some amazing food. I got a new kitchen corner. I experimented with a few recipes.  It was Halloween two times over with costumes for school & a night out. It was a busy month. Click on the snaps for details! Many are from Instagram. But I have a bit of a different vision for future recaps… Have a beautiful November! Are you my Facebook friend? How about Instagram? Do I sound like I’m begging? Here’s two  more: Pinterest and Twitter! ❤ you!

Hakdong Park |a little nature in gangnam

Even couch potatoes need a little fresh air and greenery now and again. I find my respite in a lovely little park near my home in Nonhyeon. Hakdong park is a quick getaway about a 15 minute walk from my apartment. It’s only 15 minutes because I walk super slow. #noshameinit I use it for rest and exercise. It has a couple of tennis courts, some Korean style work out machines, a place for the kids and a couple of pagodas to sit and relax. There is a nice little hill to get your heart rate moving along as well, which makes it a great place to get in some cardio. I love it because its a bit wild, it smells like mud but its still in the middle of civilization. You can find more pictures on my Flikr page!   Directions per Exploring Korea How to get to Hakdong Park Seoul There are a few ways to get to the park and all take about the same time. You can take line 7 to Nonhyeon station …