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Jungsik | Revisted

Another weekend, another reason to go all out. That’s a saying, right? Phil decided that we must try Jungsik again for two reasons. 1. It has moved locations from a cozy little place to a three level mega-restaurant. 2. It’s a different season than our last time there so there would be an entirely new menu. Jungsik Dang is owned and operated by Chef Yim Jungsik and its often rated as one of the best restaurants in Korea. I admit it is the finest restaurant I’ve ever eaten in and I feel infinitely fortunate that I’ve had the pleasure twice.

Jungsik, New Korean |a review

  This place is outstanding. Nestled into a quiet area of Sinsa-dong, Gangnam. It’s back to an adorable park. Simple and understated design and deco. It was wonderful. While it is an upscale dining experience and is perfect for a special meal. It is also perfect for a food lovers dining experience. There are two types of tasting menus.  Design Tasting Menu: Where you choose your own appetizer, rice/noodle, fish or meat main and your dessert. |Lunch price 44,000 won| Chef’s Tasting Menu: The chef chooses everything but your main. The main is a choice between a steak or lobster. |Lunch price 66,000 won| We choose the Design Tasting Menu so we could pick our own. I highly recommend this one. Click below to take this food adventure with my friend, Phil and I. The menu. We had many choices. I made almost all of them at Phil’s request. Nice + simple deco. Slate place mats, black table linens. Subtle wall art. Glass walls facing the woods. Phil’s mimosa. I suspected he would really enjoy this. Amuse-bouche: …