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Jeju Island |Home of the Random Museums|

I’m not exaggerating to say that Jeju Island has the wackiest, strangest, most random museums bunched together in one place in the whole, entire world. It seems to entice people to visit this once isolated, tropical island was to pop up some wierdo museum in hopes of squeezing tourists out of their money and away from the beaches. I really don’t get it. I know Koreans aren’t one for sunbathing but these museums have nothing to do with the island. The only reason I agreed to go to so many was mainly because it was either raining or I thought it would be a nice respite from the heat. Not that I didn’t have fun. I had fun. I just would have preferred some of their more relative museums like the O’Sollac Tea Museum, The Jeju Chocolate Museum, the Botanical Gardens or an art museum. But, my friend likes wacky, so we did wacky. Life is about compromise, right?

Iho Teu Beach | Jeju Island| 이호테우

Our one and only real day on the beach in Jeju was worth the trip for the relaxation, cold beer and beach umbrellas to ensure I didn’t get a smidge of sunburn. This is the closest beach to Jeju-si and was about a 15 minute cab ride from where we were staying. Cabs are running in and out of the place so we didn’t have a problem getting one back either. The view is simply ocean and the beach is hot, grey sand. The surrounding neighborhood isn’t anything to write home about so don’t plan to eat there…unless you’re like us and plan to make it a CS25 lunch kind of day.  Which isn’t all that bad when you think about it. For more information and directions check out this description here: Jeju Mandarins We also got the additional benefit of being there while some Hanyeo, dressed in traditional clothing, were filmed doing some sort of demonstration. It made for a great experience!

|Jeju Island’s| Cheonjeyon Waterfall

The Cheonjeyon Waterfalls are a beautiful, cool oasis on a hot Jeju afternoon. It’s an interesting walk to get there. You must cross the Seven Nymphs Bridge, Chilseonyeogyo (칠선녀교), which connects the Jungmun Complex to the waterfalls.  The bridge represents a folk tale in whcih seven beautiful nymphs descend from heaven each holding their own instrument. I don’t know what they do once they get there but they all stand and look pretty on a bridge now. The bridge also goes by the name Seonim.

Shesokak |Jeju Island|

This will be the first in a series of posts on my latest vacation: Jeju Island, Korea. Yay! Shesokak isn’t exactly a river, but it’s as beautiful as one and acts as a gorgeous entryway to the ocean off the black sanded coast of Jeju. Located in the southern area, near Seogwipo-si, this beach boasts smooth, flat rocks, lighthouses, green water and hot, black sand. This isn’t a place for swimming but you can go paddling in the small area of Shesokak in clear canoes, paddle boats or a large pontoon boat (from 5-10,000 won). We were there early and the wait did not seem too bad but I hear it gets quite crowded. Although we didn’t paddle or canoe, the scenery made the trip worthwhile. The walk down the “river” is green and lush.  While the beach looks very tropical, of course, with the palm trees, the land surrounding Shesokak is like a thick forest. It’s an interesting contrast and makes for beautiful pictures. You can see more pictures on my Flickr Page.  Shesokak, Jeju-do …

|Jeju Island’s| Famous Black Pork

Ahh, my glorious trip to Jeju Island. Let’s begin where we will all be happy…the pork, Heuk dwaeji. In recent months, I’ve really tried to cut back on my meat intake at home, I rarely ever have it now. I like to save my protein for when it really counts, and this pork really counts. Heuk dwaeji is  a delicacy of the island and you can generally only find it here or some select specialty restaurants on the mainland. The pork is from a small, domesticated black pig. The meat is flavored by smoking it with hay before its ever cooked. The pieces are tender, buttery and full of fat. It makes for unbelievably delicious bite after bite. You don’t ever want it to end. As 1/3 of our party is allergic/had a traumatic experience with fish and seafood this was the only Jeju specialty we were able to eat on our vacation. Not that I’m complaining (that much). This meal was not at the most famous restaurant located in Jeju City, but a smaller …

Dreaming of Jeju |2010|

In two days I’m heading to Jeju Island for summer vacation. It has been four years since I’ve been and the first visit, while relaxing and fun,  was in December and quite cold, windy and rainy. It was still beautiful and picturesque but I am looking forward to seeing the tropical isle during the warmest days of the year. To get myself into a cleaning/packing mood I decided to have a look at old pictures, dust them off and post them. I am looking forward to seafood, sunshine, touring, beaches and…probably…crazy crowds. |Jeju| A volcanic island off the south coast of Korea has been called the, “Hawaii of South Korea.”  I assume its only called that because more people know of Hawaii than Jeju but it seems like a silly moniker.  Sure they are both volcanic and tropical…but Jeju is still distinct. Jeju sets itself apart from the rest of Korea by culture and language since it has been isolated from the mainland for the most part. One of the most interesting aspects of Jeju is …