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Guilty Pleasure | southern american in itaewon

This year I decided to stop using the term guilty pleasure. I figured I’m at an age that I shouldn’t feel guilty if I want to indulge, so I don’t anymore.  But, I won’t hold that against this Southern American style restaurant in Itaewon who took on the name so cleverly and basks in the warm glow of fat, cream and cheese. Guilty Pleasure is a basement level restaurant in one of the back alleys of Itaewon. It’s become a class act staple of good brunch spots and after one visit, I get the hype. It’s cozy and dark and a perfect place to grab a meal with a little mood. Sure the name sounds like a house of ill repute, but you will only find great food here. What I mainly took away from GP (i.e. what I daydreamed about the rest of the day): all the good stuff on the breakfast plate we ordered was homemade. The biscuits-homemade. The compote-homemade. Even the sausage was homemade. It’s a small portion compared to something you would get back …

The Libertine | Revisited

This place is one of the jewels of Itaewon. The modern yet classic design, the changing menu and the kind staff make this a one of a kind eating treat. A friend was leaving Korea, as they are wont to do in our expat life, and she had not been to The Libertine. This was the classy exit she needed.  Mimosas all around! After checking the menu for new dishes, we ordered some divine buttered scrambled eggs on top of salmon and toast, Eggs Benedict with salmon (which they call Eggs Royale) and, to top off our ocean themed brunch, fried calamari. The eggs with butter were kill-worthy. I’m quite sure I liked them better than the Benedict, which were perfectly oozy and beautiful. They know how to make a nice little salad as well to balance out the butter and goodness. The calamari could have benefited from sitting somewhere to drain. They were a little mushy around the bottom and a bit greasy. I liked to breading, which was a little thick but flavored well. And their aioli is perfect.  Thick …

Coreanos Kitchen| A Review

On a wintry February day, I made my way over to Coreanos Kitchen. I’ve seen it rated quite high when ranking Mexican eateries in Seoul  and I’ve heard by word of mouth it was worth the trip.  A little history: Coreanos Kitchen started off as a Mexican/Korean food truck in Texas, which soon blew up in popularity. Since then, the guys have migrated to Seoul and have opted to open up establishments in Itaewon and Apgujeong, and brought their famed recipes along with them. Much to the enjoyment of fry-lovers, they also didn’t forget to bring their Three Wise Fries that were voted as being among the best fries in America. ~  Ahh, food trucks. Why are you so amazing?