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A Brief Guide to Seminyak | Bali

Start your day with a gorgeous breakfast at Bali Deli’s Le Spot.  Get some lattes, some eggs and fresh fruit and prepare for hours of relaxation. Make a morning appointment at Prana Spa. This was the best thing I could have spent money on. We were massaged, scrubbed, slathered in yogurt and otherwise pampered every glorious minute in this unique destination. Then explore Seminyak on foot. Look for the beautiful offerings. Watch where you walk, you might just knock one over. If it starts to rain, just tuck into a bar and drink these lemony beers. Bintang Railler is amazing. Hello, Indonesia! Street art sits adjacent from offerings and tropical flowers. Then it was back to our little slice of Bali paradise, our Airbnb rental. It looks like this home has been relocated per the owner, but, I would recommend the new place. The owner is very accommodating and the house we stayed in was terrific. The new Villa Marjens 3 looks beautiful as well.  Here was Villa Marjens 3 when we stayed. The green gateway to heaven. Is it vacation time yet?

Tamun Ayun Temple | Bali Temple Collection

This gorgeous temple is the first blog in the epic trilogy I will write out the temples I visited while in Bali.  And it’s mainly epic, not because of my braggy writing, but because they are just beautiful without the need for hyperbole. 🙂 The Tamun Ayun is a large temple set upon an even larger, well manicured and lusciously green garden area.  There are pools of water and ponds to create an atmosphere of peace. The name Tamun Ayun translates to beautiful garden, and is so evident walking around and taking in the spectacular (albeit boiling hot) temple of worship. It was built in 1634 for the people of the Mengwi kingdom, so they did not need to travel far to another large, main temple. The temple has towering pagodas for worship inside the main courtyard, which cannot be entered unless it is a special, sacred holiday. But, it’s opened only for worshipers, not visitors. The view of it is enough and makes it all the more special that people can’t tramp all over the …

Sunshine, Sand and Private Beach Clubs

What’s a beach club, you may ask? Only one of the most spectacular destinations to go on vacation. Honestly, before researching activities for Bali, I didn’t know what beach clubs were all about. It’s so much more than just spending the day on a beach. So much more. (Cue daydreamy music…) Picture this: You enter the club after paying a nominal fee, which includes your beach towel and a percentage toward food. Then you enter a pristine beach area, find your spot under an umbrella and begin your day. You can order drinks and food from the restaurant. You can snorkel, dive or participate in some other activities. You only need to bring yourself, a bucket of sunblock and a big bottle of water. Otherwise, you are taken care of for the day, eliminating the need to bring big, bulky beach bags filled with necessities. Sounds unbelievable, right? Your next beachy vacation needs to include a beach club. And, until then, please enjoy our trip to Finn’s Beach Club in Bali. It’s a private beach club …