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Banana & Nutella “Ice Cream”

You know already I’m trying to trick you, right? This recipe has been woven into the fabric that is Pinterest and has been around for a while. So you probably already know that people are whipping their frozen bananas into an ice cream like dessert. I tried it once last year in my blender to no avail, I could not get that damn banana to turn into ice cream. It was actually just not pleasant, it just tasted like icy banana. The consistency was all wrong. This year I persevered since I got a new food processor…and VICTORY! The consistency was much better and I was really reminded of banana ice cream. You can take this basic recipe and create any new flavors you want. It’s really versatile. As a tried and true ice cream lover I will tell you honestly that it doesn’t taste exactly like ice cream, but it is really delicious in its own right and much healthier for you. So give it a whirl and see what you can do. Summer …

|Review| Milkcow

Last Saturday I ate a big ‘ol Philly cheese steak so I did the most natural thing afterwards…went to get ice cream. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a spot right down the street! As I do like to eat organic when I can, and I’ve been interested in this place for a while. I have to admit the ice cream is good but not phenomenal. But, quite frankly, I’m not going to turn down ice cream. Even bad ice cream is ice cream. I tried the milky cube because having honey comb in your ice cream is all the rage in Korea. The honey really was amazing. The ice cream was pleasant and creamy, a nice plain soft serve. The strawberry gelato…meh. Not a ton of flavor and just alright. But, with organic ice cream you can usually guarantee a slightly subdued flavor. It’s the tradeoff. And this is me about to eat ice cream. Had a request from someone back home that the blog needed more pics of me…selfies!