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Tamun Ayun Temple | Bali Temple Collection

This gorgeous temple is the first blog in the epic trilogy I will write out the temples I visited while in Bali.  And it’s mainly epic, not because of my braggy writing, but because they are just beautiful without the need for hyperbole. 🙂 The Tamun Ayun is a large temple set upon an even larger, well manicured and lusciously green garden area.  There are pools of water and ponds to create an atmosphere of peace. The name Tamun Ayun translates to beautiful garden, and is so evident walking around and taking in the spectacular (albeit boiling hot) temple of worship. It was built in 1634 for the people of the Mengwi kingdom, so they did not need to travel far to another large, main temple. The temple has towering pagodas for worship inside the main courtyard, which cannot be entered unless it is a special, sacred holiday. But, it’s opened only for worshipers, not visitors. The view of it is enough and makes it all the more special that people can’t tramp all over the …

La Vie En Rose | Garden Festival

Last week Korea was gripped in an obscene panic due to MERS. I was off from school closings and reading a lot of bad news on the internet. My solution? Ignore it and hop on the subway to the 2015 Rose Garden Festival which is inside Seoul Grand Park. This was my first jaunt out this way save for a few years ago when I visited the MMCA museum in the area. Just on the outskirts of the big city of Seoul, the park is surrounded by mountains and (hopefully) fresh air. The place was surprisingly big. You could easily spend 1/2 a day out there just in the rose garden itself. There is also a lake, trails and a lift that will show you a bird’s eye view of the park. Of course, since it was the middle of the week (and possibly the MERS) the park was not busy and it was easy to get to the themed garden. It’s quite a walk and the summer is heating up, so if you are not …

Little Urban Garden

In my tiny apartment, in my tinier kitchen, I love to cook. I am still a beginner. I haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of sauces and flavorings and that is what I want to improve on. So I needed some fresh herbs to create some amazing tastes. I bought these four plants to begin my new garden. Truth be told, I actually bought seeds quite a while back, planted the suckers and watched brown soil every day for just a spark of green.  Didn’t happen. I assume it was a “no sunlight” situation because of their placement. The cute pots I used for the seeds would never fit in the bitty space I have on my windowsill. So these four, humble plants in plastic pots will be my new urban garden. I am actually really, really excited!