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Cornbread Waffles with Kimchi & Eggs

I recently redid my kitchen basically because my toaster oven died. The old girl served me well for three years but it just couldn’t handle my cooking prowess anymore.  My upgrade was exceptionally larger and could no longer go on top of my bitty refrigerator anymore. So I had to buy a new table to fit the new oven. The new island transformed my kitchen from boring to modern and fun. And my new oven came with LOADS of free stuff including baking sheets, a pizza pan, roasting pans, muffin pans, an electric food scale AND a waffle maker! Korean “service” never ceases to amaze me! (service = free stuff!) I have been pinning waffle recipes like crazy and decided that this weekend was the weekend to break that waffle maker in. I was craving savory and so I settled in on a cornbread waffle recipe to hit the- rainy Saturday brunch -spot. NOTES: These are best eaten the day you make them but I froze a bunch to toast up and slather with butter later. …

Fried Tofu Sandwich | with Ssamjang Mayo

After a weekend trip to Decadentville via Ryunique, I decided I better eat cheap last week and had one of these little scrumptious babies nearly every day. They are so good, you all, and it has been a long journey to tofu meals for me. I used to vehemently hate tofu, even after coming to Korea. I didn’t appreciate the texture, I would compare it to the fatty part of a chicken, and hated when people told me it could, “taste like whatever you cook it with.” Umm…gross.

Kimchi | Nachos

Kimchi nachos are a thing and they are really dynamite. KA-BOOM. The totally cook a rific thing about these is that you can dress them up just like any other nachos: to your preference. Mine were vegetarian but you can add meat or your own cheese. One thing you do want to do, however, when heating the ingredients up all together, is do use an oven, not a microwave. I’m not quite sure how good kimchi would be in the microwave and what on earth it would smell like afterwards. (Your microwave, I mean.) Plus, it gives the chips a bit more crisp, rather than sogginess.

Bacon + Guac Springrolls

I basically wanted to shove some salad into a spring roll but I had a bunch of things in my refrigerator that needed to be eaten.  Why not just throw it all in there? I thought.  Sure! I told myself. I can buy this really thick cut bacon in Korea and it works really well for these rolls but any bacon is going to taste great.  Depending on how many folks you have to eat this will cause the amounts you need to vary.  The ingredient list and directions are quite simple. Ingredients: green onion carrot red pepper yellow pepper sprouts guacamole: 1 avocado, juice of 1/2 a lime, 1/4 cup of diced red onion, cilantro, salt + pepper thick cut bacon spring roll wrappers Directions: Place spring roll wrapper in hot water until soft, place on a flat surface. Add your ingredients and carefully roll tight but not so tight it rips. Hint: I tried different ingredient placement to see what worked best. Put your guac on top of other ingredients and cover it …

Soba Noodles | with lemon shrimp

Soba noodles, the famous Japanese noodles, are made from buckwheat. Buckwheat is a grain called pseundocereal, the seeds are eaten, unlike wheat which is a grass. I know my variety were not organic, but it still seemed like a good choice. The Japanese eat them all the time and look at the size of them. Eventually I will buy some buckwheat flour. I’m anxious to make a traditional French galette (savory crepe made with buckwheat). Ingredients:  soba noodles {enough for 2} raw shrimp {enough for 2…this will vary with the size of your shrimp} 1 cup of cooked spinach 2 eggs poached {I follow the directions from Martha Stewart to poach.} juice of 1/2 a lemon salt and pepper olive oil for cooking/sauteing Directions: Cook soba noodles according to the package. Remember that there will be time to rinse off the noodles and you can prepare your other ingredients at that time. Meanwhile, add oil to a hot pan and add your spinach, salt + pepper. Cook until just wilted. Add your shrimp, lemon, more olive oil and …