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Daytripping | Chinatown

  The only official “Chinatown” in Korea is located in Incheon and takes a long, boring ride on the subway to get out there. It’s a full on tourist destination and it has a quintessential selfie tourist trap, the barf-worthy Fairytale Village. But, as much as those things irk me, and they do, don’t let it stop you from heading out there just once. It’s an interesting and quirky place. There is a different feel to the area, in no small part due to the different smells and different building styles. There are many restaurants and spots to buy a snack. We found a dim sum restaurant that squelched some cravings I’d been having for weeks. It’s also the birthplace of the ridiculously popular Chinese-Korean dish, Jjajangmyeong. After eating, you can wander around and find a beautiful cafe, like one we found that doubled as a gallery. TLDR: A Brief History The history of the area is…interesting. When Incheon Port opened in 1883 a small settlement of Chinese people grew.  The population has remained small for …

Hanbox | new review!

We were so happy to get another kind review by Beeju Boxes this month. As she subscribed to the box, she received the first box in July (which was our first box too). As we continue to evolve our box and ideas, we love to get feedback. Order yours today and tell us what you think! Order here! There is still time to order the September / October box! See our review here! Follow Us!  Facebook  Instagram Website Twitter

Another Happy Review!

You guys, I’ve been so happy this week! We received a very sweet review with excellent pictures to accompany our promotional box  with The Homespun Chics! Sarah reviewed each item individually and has nice insight into our motivations behind including each item. According to their website: The Homespun Chics is a PR-friendly lifestyle and review blog owned and operated by a mom and daughter duo. We are in constant search of quality products & subscription boxes, crafty projects, places to travel, and delicious recipes. We offer fun reader giveaways and coupons when possible. The Homespun Chics strive to promote businesses and people that inspire us! A mom and daughter duo….too cute! And a big thank you to Sarah for reviewing our box! Please check out their review! NEW! Hanbox Subscription Box Preview   You can check out our website or put your order in for a subscription too! Hanbox    

A Brief Guide to Seminyak | Bali

Start your day with a gorgeous breakfast at Bali Deli’s Le Spot.  Get some lattes, some eggs and fresh fruit and prepare for hours of relaxation. Make a morning appointment at Prana Spa. This was the best thing I could have spent money on. We were massaged, scrubbed, slathered in yogurt and otherwise pampered every glorious minute in this unique destination. Then explore Seminyak on foot. Look for the beautiful offerings. Watch where you walk, you might just knock one over. If it starts to rain, just tuck into a bar and drink these lemony beers. Bintang Railler is amazing. Hello, Indonesia! Street art sits adjacent from offerings and tropical flowers. Then it was back to our little slice of Bali paradise, our Airbnb rental. It looks like this home has been relocated per the owner, but, I would recommend the new place. The owner is very accommodating and the house we stayed in was terrific. The new Villa Marjens 3 looks beautiful as well.  Here was Villa Marjens 3 when we stayed. The green gateway to heaven. Is it vacation time yet?

March Rabbit Salad | A Review

Finding a salad that is not bitter greens drenched in balsamic dressing in this city is hard pressed, but, not impossible anymore. As Seoul keeps its steady march into globalization, finding healthy Western food, with Western tastes in mind, is getting easier. No longer do I have to settle for pizza and pasta when I need something from back home. I can go to a place like March Rabbit Salad. This spot is just fun. Subtly playing with an Alice in Wonderland theme, this restaurant is airy and bright and cheerful. It’s impossible to miss on the streets of Sinsa, near Garosugil, with all the money they spent on bright yellow paint. I love it, though, as it takes the food seriously, but the interior remains whimsical. The menu ain’t half bad either. It’s crammed full of salads (you can design your own), sandwiches, and juices. Everything is fresh and well seasoned. This place is great for the vegetarians and vegans who roam among us. There are options for all. My one and only gripe is that I’d love …

The Libertine | Revisited

This place is one of the jewels of Itaewon. The modern yet classic design, the changing menu and the kind staff make this a one of a kind eating treat. A friend was leaving Korea, as they are wont to do in our expat life, and she had not been to The Libertine. This was the classy exit she needed.  Mimosas all around! After checking the menu for new dishes, we ordered some divine buttered scrambled eggs on top of salmon and toast, Eggs Benedict with salmon (which they call Eggs Royale) and, to top off our ocean themed brunch, fried calamari. The eggs with butter were kill-worthy. I’m quite sure I liked them better than the Benedict, which were perfectly oozy and beautiful. They know how to make a nice little salad as well to balance out the butter and goodness. The calamari could have benefited from sitting somewhere to drain. They were a little mushy around the bottom and a bit greasy. I liked to breading, which was a little thick but flavored well. And their aioli is perfect.  Thick …