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Panda Invasion!

Seoul gets some pretty damn adorable art installations. (See Rubber Duck!)  Just another reason to love this city. The latest installation that has captured the hearts of girls all over Korea is 1600 Pandas+. The name says it all, really, the exhibit is 1600+ paper mache pandas that have been on a world tour for seven years.  The pandas actual number 1800 and there’s a good reason for that. The installation’s main objective when it was created in 2008 was to bring awareness to the fact that there were only 1600 pandas living in the wild and in danger of becoming extinct. But the number has grown because of more eco-awareness. So yeah, it’s the most adorable invasion ever, but the message is working. That’s a pretty amazing thing in and of itself.

|Seoul Arts Center|The Great Artists

I kicked myself for not getting out to the Seoul Arts Center a couple weeks back when they had a beautiful art exhibit for Yayoi Kusama’s A Dream I Dreamed . I was actually worried that the exhibit would be too busy and it was going to be hard to find the Centerin  the summer heat. I found out this weekend its really not that hard to find it. I really REALLY wanted to see A Dream I Dreamed but I didn’t go and I’ve felt like I missed a great opportunity ever since.  Lesson learned: Just Go, Dummy!! They have some really amazing exhibits still ongoing. Check out the pictures for a few of their offerings. Many musicals and art shows. Pulitzer Prize Photographs Exhibit They also have modern Korean art  and Edvard Munch. Looks very promising. It was unbelievably busy.  The Great Artists exhibit is spectacular. There were so many household named artists that I was thanking my lucky stars again for getting to live in Seoul and having the opportunity to see the show. …