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Hoonje(훈제) ori(오리) | Smoked Duck

After walking around Insadong galleries and building up a monstrous appetite (doesn’t take much), I convinced Phil we needed to try a back alley, old school, touristy Korean restaurant. I’ve wanted to try one for so long and I did have to push a bit because Phil has Korean food everyday. But, I really don’t so I was desperate for some. Aaaand….I’m pretty pushy. Back alley restaurant it was!

Peking Duck | A Review

In a mammoth wedding hotel on the cusp of the Han River lies a Chinese restaurant called, ahem, Chinese Restaurant.  But, for me, it will henceforth be forever known as “that restaurant you can get a succulent yet crispy skinned duck I call Peking Duck but they call Beijing Duck.”  It’s a long, ridiculous name but its totally worth it.