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Salon de Ddalki | Strawberry Salon

Strawberry, I ❤ you. There’s an amazing phenomenon that happens in Seoul during the winter strawberry season. The grand hotels of this great city decided several years ago that just buying strawberries in the local mart was not enough to truly enjoy this delicious season. So, as if in protest, they all began having gorgeous strawberry buffets all around the city. Just do a search for strawberry buffets in Seoul and you’ll see examples from the Intercontinental, Lotte Hotel, Renaissance Seoul and the JW Marriott.  And it was at the last one, the JW Marriot,  I found myself last weekend, much to my inner child’s delight! The Salon de Ddalki (Strawberry Salon) was every girl’s  pink paradise. They knew exactly who they were catering to and I have to give them ample admiration for that. Seoul may be the only place in the world who could properly do a retro French theme of Barbie proportions like Salon de Ddalki. The place was covered in girly goo love from the pink color of the server’s princess cut dresses, to the strawberry pillows, the …

The DDP | Dongdaemun Design Plaza

A few little pieces from the new DDP in Dongdaemun. I did love most of the exhibits but here are a few notes: 1. To see their main exhibit, The Treasures of Kansong, we would have had to wait over an hour. So get there earlier than we did! 2. It is very confusing moving from one exhibit to another. My advice is to ask where to go next at each exhibit when you are leaving. It will save a lot of headache. But, once you walk around it really feels like walking in the future. It’s beautiful and sleek. I hear there was controversy while building this plaza. Why fight it, people? This is what the movies have said that buildings of the future will look like and its awesome.         See more pictures at my Flickr page! DDP: Dongdaemun Design Plaza