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Dreaming of a Facelift

…on my apartment, of course!  Today I started thinking about some updates to my boring apartment. The look has been pretty constant for a while and all the furniture I have inside it (save my for baby couch) was given to me by the school and U-G-L-Y. So I think its time to really start thinking about ways to update it to feel more inspired.  Here’s what I’m thinking: wardrobe |  sheets  |  tray sidetable  |  clock  |  circular table  |  tulip chair I need more space and airiness in the apartment so I’ve decided to get rid of the rectangular, brown dining table with two chairs and replace it with a smaller, circular table with a white tulip chair. It should give me more room and I can use it more for a desk than a kitchen table.  I need a bigger, newer wardrobe because the one I have is falling apart and there are few words to describe how unfortunate looking it is.  Sheets are needed as well…my newest sheets are two years …

A Peachy Christmas Roundup

For all the frustration, stress and changes that were taking place during my Christmas season I am happy to say I still had a wonderful December. I was coated head to toe in holiday spirit, thanks to friends and Seoul. There was just a lot of Christmas-y-ness going around and I was really thankful for that. I also got to travel home and see my family. It was too short, of course, but there were hugs and food all around. Made it totally worth it.