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A Peachy Christmas Roundup

For all the frustration, stress and changes that were taking place during my Christmas season I am happy to say I still had a wonderful December. I was coated head to toe in holiday spirit, thanks to friends and Seoul. There was just a lot of Christmas-y-ness going around and I was really thankful for that. I also got to travel home and see my family. It was too short, of course, but there were hugs and food all around. Made it totally worth it.

Reminiscing | Christmas 2013

In three days (WHAT?! Packing! Presents! Cats!) I am heading home for a short visit for the Christmas holiday . Even though my cats have decided that the piece of luggage I pulled out to pack is their new jungle gym, I am really excited. Christmas in my family home is laidback, carefree and full of food. We don’t sit down at an elegantly decked out table and nothing is hands-off or formal. For the family party there are always multiple casseroles, kids, dogs, presents, lots of coffee and free wheeling dining habits. There is no “kid’s table” its more “wherever you sit is your seat.” There is no real schedule, its just when people feel like doing things. That’s how Christmas should be, according to me. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, wherever your world may be!! I hope its just your style.

DIY | Christmas Tree

I have a little dink of a Christmas tree but I felt the DIY urge this Christmas season. It started with the flower garland (blog post to come later) and I decided it needed something fun to hang it on.  I found this fun little project on Paper and Stitch.  It takes quite a bit of time to make all the fringe…know that before diving into this project. However, I think its worth it… so cute… ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m really looking forward to doing more DIY for 2015 holidays since this turned out so well. Look out, New Year, I’m gonna get you! Click on the pictures and follow the steps to make your own DIY O Tannenbaum. You’ll need: 2 large pieces of foamboard white or clear tape green colored tissue paper large paper clip scissors Elmer’s glue paintbrush