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Merry and Bright | Wall Design

This was a bit more work than I expected. Half way into taping the first letter I thought, “Oh Gawd, Crystal..You’re an IDIOT.” I took a few days break and finished up last night. I have to admit that it gets faster the more you do it. Basically the entire sign is covered in piece after piece of adorable, yet tiny, washi tape.  Because its so slim it takes quite a while to cover. You can’t believe how happy I was when it was finished. It was super adorable and I put in all this hard work…just makes you feel accomplished. 😀 You can find details and a how to on Paper & Stitch. It’s not hard.  Get some foamboard and paint a holiday message on it with acrylic paint. Cut that out with a razor and then cover with washi tape.   On Paper & Stitch she actually uses colored scotch tape, which thinking back to all that washi tape, I would have gone ahead and went with the scotch tape. Make it enjoyable. Get …

DIY | Christmas Tree

I have a little dink of a Christmas tree but I felt the DIY urge this Christmas season. It started with the flower garland (blog post to come later) and I decided it needed something fun to hang it on.  I found this fun little project on Paper and Stitch.  It takes quite a bit of time to make all the fringe…know that before diving into this project. However, I think its worth it… so cute… ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m really looking forward to doing more DIY for 2015 holidays since this turned out so well. Look out, New Year, I’m gonna get you! Click on the pictures and follow the steps to make your own DIY O Tannenbaum. You’ll need: 2 large pieces of foamboard white or clear tape green colored tissue paper large paper clip scissors Elmer’s glue paintbrush