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Gateaux de Voyage | french pastry tasting

On some of the more exciting food trips I take around the great city of Seoul, I find myself face to face with heaven, also known as,  a dessert buffet. The buffet at the adorable patisserie in Nonhyeon-dong, is cleverly named a “tasting” so you don’t feel quite so glutinous.  But, there it is, a table full of pastries, chocolates and creams. If that’s not heaven… This was the second pastry tasting event by French Chef Julian Favario in his shop, Gateaux de Voyage. My friend and I were disappointed to miss out on the first event after it filled up hours after being announced. Luckily for us, and the citizens of Seoul, he continues to have these events at regular intervals. They just completed their 8th event. As you eat, the staff and chef come around to talk to you. They are very friendly and warm, just like their little desserts. So you won’t return based just on how delicious everything is. If you’d like to stuff your face (in a classy manner, it is …

Gigi’s Cupcakes | A Review

Sorry for the absence, folks! I’ve been down and out with a nasty bug and had no energy to eat, create or blog. Well, I mean, I could eat… I didn’t want to die. But, I found the most amazing information on Facebook while I was sick. There is now a truly beautiful cupcake store opened fifteen minutes from my apartment. A DANGEROUS fifteen minutes from my apartment. And these weren’t some god awful, dry Korean cupcakes…this was a American franchise called Gigi’s that started in Nashville, TN. The American South! Where they know how to make desserts the right way! The one place in the world where they have been taught since birth how to whip sugar and butter into something magical every single time. I practically floated into the store my expectations were so high.