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Gus’s Fried Chicken | A Memphis Institution

There are a few places that must be on your foodie-to-do list while visiting Memphis and Gus’s Fried Chicken should be in your top 5.  Cooked in the grease that has been cultivated for 60 years, this place knows how to fry. Their sides aren’t sloppy either. Perfectly seasoned, battered, fried and cheesed, you will want to sample damn near everything on the menu. As I said previously, my trip to Memphis was short but I managed to eat some amazing food. Gus’s was indeed a highlight. Washed down my heavy meal with a cold, crisp Tennessee ale. The Ghost River Golden is not on the menu but you can ask for it. This is the “vegetarian” platter.  I know. It’s hilariously named but it’s the perfect way to order a bunch of amazing sides. My sister ordered the fried okra, mac & cheese and greens. Fried Okra. Recommended! Fried Green Tomatoes. Recommended! The three piece plate. Dark meat. Cole Slaw. Beans. White bread to soak up all that grease you might lose to the …

A Tunnel of Persimmon Wine in Cheongdo

Let’s just get this out there…the wine tunnel is not what I expected. Let me take you through my dreams of what the wine tunnel would be. There would be staff to greet my friend Phil and I at the  “door” and they would show us to a table in a vast cavern of the tunnel. We would have proper menus and table service. There would be adults in attendance, each quietly enjoying the selection of persimmon wine and it would be glorious. Glorious. You know, more like a vineyard or winery. Now I’ll explain what it was actually like.

Reminiscing | Thanksgiving 2013

  Last Thanksgiving was wonderful (except for my ever present sinus infections) because almost all my plans came to fruition. I was very happy with the state of my cooking and deco. So happy, in fact, I neglected to take many pictures of the food.  It wasn’t until I was stuffed and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that I realized my photos were poo. I won’t make that mistake this year but I will be making beaucoup plans again. Since so many things worked out last year the menu will be very similar with some additions! Enjoy last years warmth and fun through these pictures! I can’t wait to show off the full spread this year as well! Mains Roasted Chicken (turkey is crazy expensive here) Spanish Tortilla, brought by Mikey’s lovely girlfriend. Thyme pull apart rolls, I substituted thyme for chives Glazed carrots Garlic and chive mashed potatoes Sweet Potato Medley (a baked mix of sweet potato, walnuts and cranberries with brown sugar and butter)  Baked acorn squash  Gravy Green Bean casserole, Starters Cheese Brie, English …