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A Peachy October

I recently saw a brilliant idea from an adorable blog, With All My Affection, where the blogger posted Insta snaps as a monthly recap. And as you should be reading blogs for inspiration, I will bor-row the idea and work on monthly photo recaps for my Seoul life.  🙂 October The weather got chilly. There was an increase in the kitty snuggling. I found some amazing food. I got a new kitchen corner. I experimented with a few recipes.  It was Halloween two times over with costumes for school & a night out. It was a busy month. Click on the snaps for details! Many are from Instagram. But I have a bit of a different vision for future recaps… Have a beautiful November! Are you my Facebook friend? How about Instagram? Do I sound like I’m begging? Here’s two  more: Pinterest and Twitter! ❤ you!

New Project: CATS Whiskers Ministop Blog

CATS Whiskers Ministop  This is what I have been currently working on. I love this shelter run by a lovely woman in Seoul.  This shelter is where I got my foster kitty, Bacchus from. Her shelter is small by very hard working. It’s private and there’s little money so you can help by adopting, fostering and/or giving donations and money. They can ALWAYS use donations and money. Please take a look! It’s not completed, just in the works, but you can see a lot of the cute babies that are currently up for adoption!

Inspiration |Cat Dining Station|

                                           This little area was long overdue for an overhaul. Rehab. Gutted-ness. It looked terrible. The bright green cat shaped mat doesn’t really match my aesthetic.  I found two adorable things online that helped me give my little furballs a true dining station. My children deserved it. Beauty Lab has a beautiful idea for changing the cat food mat to a tray, replacing the bowls and making the entire area look clean and modern. I would have loved to find a white tray but I think the silver tray works well. My Inspiration The Lovely Nest gave me the idea to make cat silhouettes. How brilliant is that? It was very easy, very cheap, too adorable for mere words.  My Inspiration My Interpretation Total overhaul price: $11 plus glue sticks and a piece of white construction paper I already owned. Worth every penny.      Such a simple, fun project!