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Inspiration |Cat Dining Station|

                                           This little area was long overdue for an overhaul. Rehab. Gutted-ness. It looked terrible. The bright green cat shaped mat doesn’t really match my aesthetic.  I found two adorable things online that helped me give my little furballs a true dining station. My children deserved it. Beauty Lab has a beautiful idea for changing the cat food mat to a tray, replacing the bowls and making the entire area look clean and modern. I would have loved to find a white tray but I think the silver tray works well. My Inspiration The Lovely Nest gave me the idea to make cat silhouettes. How brilliant is that? It was very easy, very cheap, too adorable for mere words.  My Inspiration My Interpretation Total overhaul price: $11 plus glue sticks and a piece of white construction paper I already owned. Worth every penny.      Such a simple, fun project!

Inspiration: Cat Scratch

Homemade Cat Scratch What would the internet be without a copious amount of cats?  Not as much fun. Is the answer to that question. I’ve needed to buy my two apartment destroyers a decent cat scratch for a while now. Nothing proved that more than when the young one decided my new couch felt wonderful underneath his nails. He nearly got shipped to Siberia. Luckily, shipping a cat is expensive business and it makes  more sense to go ahead and buy a cat scratch. They are expensive, however, especially the kind I want. One of kinds. Modern and unique. Very expensive like this one from Etsy: SaySculptures My Inspiration Considering this is handmade, $129 is not a bad price. But, I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve got food to buy, afterall. This one is a bit more reasonable at $89. Still a bit pricey for me. But it is awesome. My Interpretation Curious. But not yet biting. This is obviously not as cool as the Etsy ones but it should hold up for a while …