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Moonbird | Cafe

This place has got some personality, I’ll give ya that.  It’s name itself, Moonbird Does Think of Only the Moon, is such a mouthful but, sweetly poetic, even in Korean, as I’m told. It is charming and (slightly) secretive in an alley off one of the busiest streets in Seoul, Insadong. On a chilling winter night it is the perfect spot to grab a cup of traditional tea surrounded by more stuff than you could imagine. My friend Phil ordered a jujube tea that tasted just like Christmas. It was warm, thick and flavored with cinnamon. I ordered a nice Jasmine tea, kind of boring, I know, but it was hot and in an adorable teapot. This is the perfect tea cafe if you are in Insadong and want a quiet place off the main drag that is unpretentious, laid back and…warm.  So warm on that cold night. Holy crap that was a cold night.