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Loaded Breakfast Fries

An Ode to Fries It’s morning. You’re hungry. The coffee is getting low and it’s not keeping you full. It’s time for some fries. Welcome to loaded breakfast fries, the adventure. This is a kind of choose your own adventure type of meal. You can follow my recipe to a T, or, you can venture out and make it all your own flavor. I’ll give you some additional options at the end so make sure to scroll all the way down. Fries are the perfect morning meal, no matter what you’ve been taught. Don’t worry about eating healthy, these are oven roasted and spicy. It’s pumped full of vegetables and has protein from the eggs. It’s a savory, delicious mess that you will want to eat over and over again. I’ve been having it on the regular. I’ve mixed it up a few ways and haven’t been bored once. You really only need follow the directions for cooking the fries, after that, you’re free! Click to get your free printable recipe! Fries in full glory. What …

Crispy Potato Roast

I haven’t made a Martha recipe in a long time but I had a bag of potatoes in my cabinet that were growing more ears than I care to talk about. Nightmares. They needed to be used quickly and I didn’t have the patience for a bunch of baked potatoes, however delicious they are. So I scoured my Pinterest board and found this puppy staring back at me. It’s a bit of cutting and I sliced them by hand, which is why mine are larger than the original. I couldn’t be bothered to find my mandolin. Lazy. I also left the skin on because, I’m sorry, that’s the best part. Why was it cut off in the beginning??  I don’t understand. Crispy potato skin is the stuff of heaven. Click for the recipe!