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Inspiration: DIY Stamps

Why are stamps usually so horrendous? How many cutesy flowers and buildings do you need? Why aren’t they simpler in detail or cooler or just better in general? Who knows…its one of the great mysteries of the world. It’s like how those creepy head statues got to Easter Island. I came to this website one way or another, Curly Made, and fell in love with some ink and rubber. She made awesome DIY stamps two ways . Inspiration   So I needed to do this. Needed to. I cut them from foam paper. Hot glued them to cardboard then painted the edges with my new favorite neon color.   Interpretation I will put them to very good use! But tonight, I”m playing with them like a kid!

Hangaram | Art Supply Store

Do you need art supplies? Are you tired of Googling it and coming up with Alpha store in Namdaemun market? I was! So this weekend I found the amazing Hangaram Art Supply Store in the very convenient (for me) Express Bus Terminal. They have so many things that I needed and I took a lot of pictures to help fellow crafters who live too far from Namdaemun to consider just hopping on over. They don’t have things like yarn or fake flowers or sewing things…so if you’re that type of crafter you won’t find much of what you need. But if you need paper, paints, stretched canvas, wood and tools then you’ve found your haven. Directions: At the Express Bus Terminal head toward Exit 1. You will walk right past a Holly’s Coffee and then you’ll see it.  It’s as easy as that! And by easy I mean if you can navigate the murky and dangerous jungle that is the Express Bus Terminal. Yikes.   If you need to buy paper, get the paper priced …

Bukchon & Myeongin Museum

Updated August 19, 2016 Bukchon is one of the greatest treasures that Seoul holds, especially for visitors. Full of traditional housing, called Hanoks, you can get your fill of the Joseon style of city living by walking all up in Bukchon. There are walking trails, shops, cafes, galleries and small classes. Get there early before the bus loads of tourists arrive. It’s beautiful and charming but only as long as you are not fighting through thousands of people and their selfie sticks. 🙂 You can find more information here. Bukchon Hanok Village To get there: Take Subway Line 3 to Anguk Station and use Exit 2. Go straight for about 300m to arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village. Located in Bukchon, Myeongin Gallery, is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to and it is basically just one room. Taking a step above a portrait gallery, this is a room of spectacular masks from all around the world. Each mask represents a different culture, ceremony, tradition or belief and they are fascinating with their exotic styles and raw feelings. I loved this museum …

The DDP | Dongdaemun Design Plaza

A few little pieces from the new DDP in Dongdaemun. I did love most of the exhibits but here are a few notes: 1. To see their main exhibit, The Treasures of Kansong, we would have had to wait over an hour. So get there earlier than we did! 2. It is very confusing moving from one exhibit to another. My advice is to ask where to go next at each exhibit when you are leaving. It will save a lot of headache. But, once you walk around it really feels like walking in the future. It’s beautiful and sleek. I hear there was controversy while building this plaza. Why fight it, people? This is what the movies have said that buildings of the future will look like and its awesome.         See more pictures at my Flickr page! DDP: Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Mullae Art Village

Updated August 18, 2016 Mullae Art Village, by all accounts, probably shouldn’t be there. But, there it is, a little artist’s island in the middle of an industrial park. It’s quite stark with the ironworks surrounding the art, but it’s brimming with creativity painted all over the walls with murals and in the unique and eerie sculptures. It’s a great place to visit on a holiday or quiet morning. I went on a holiday and only myself and a few other photogs were there. I imagine that it is much more lively during the week, but maybe harder to take pictures. This little village is recommended for anyone who enjoys street art and paintings of cats. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of cats? See more pictures on my Flickr! Mullae Village in Mullae-dong To get there: Take Line 2 (Green Line) to Mullae Station and take Exit 7. Walk straight about 50 yards and you will come to the entrance sign. Just explore all around from there.

Inspiration: Wire Photo Hanger

I bought a new sofa to go in my apartment and I am more than a little embarrassed to say that it is my (very own) first real couch in any place I’ve ever rented. Outside of my parent’s house, I’ve always gone studio. When I lived in the US, I lived in studio apartments with gigantic furniture. I didn’t want to give the furniture up because I loved it so much but it was way too big for a such small square footage. So I never could fit in a real couch. My new sofa is one TINY sofa. It is low to the floor and quite narrow. But it folds out and I’ve actually taken a nap on it (like the first day I had it, hah). Because it is so minimal, I needed something that flattered it on the wall.  On my bare, white walls I wanted to have some sort of deco up that was also simple but added color and fun. I really love this site because she also lives in …

Inspiration: Cityscape

I recently decided my apartment was too drab for human habitation. My sister and brother in law were coming thousands of miles from the USA to visit me in Korea and I knew they would visit my apartment at least once.  I needed some inspiration. My apartment is a simple shoebox. I really do love it but its quite small and the furniture is provided by my company. I hate almost everything they gave me, but,  since I love to eat and buy expensive foods, I don’t usually have enough money to spend on buying items I already have. These items include the bed, the dining table + chairs, the TV + stand and the closet. I would LOVE to replace all of them. As that is not an option right now, I decided a little low maintenance facelift was in order. Taking inspiration (almost a replica) of some designs I found on this beautiful site, I created some masking tape deco for my wall.  I did not, in fact, measure. I am a lazy …