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Dreaming of a Facelift

…on my apartment, of course!  Today I started thinking about some updates to my boring apartment. The look has been pretty constant for a while and all the furniture I have inside it (save my for baby couch) was given to me by the school and U-G-L-Y. So I think its time to really start thinking about ways to update it to feel more inspired.  Here’s what I’m thinking: wardrobe |  sheets  |  tray sidetable  |  clock  |  circular table  |  tulip chair I need more space and airiness in the apartment so I’ve decided to get rid of the rectangular, brown dining table with two chairs and replace it with a smaller, circular table with a white tulip chair. It should give me more room and I can use it more for a desk than a kitchen table.  I need a bigger, newer wardrobe because the one I have is falling apart and there are few words to describe how unfortunate looking it is.  Sheets are needed as well…my newest sheets are two years …

Insadong | Art Galleries

I know, I know. For every beautiful piece of art in a gallery in Insadong, there is also  a thousand  tourists all hankering for deals on cheap, traditional looking Korean goods to fight through on your way to the art. I feel your pain, really…but if it is any consolation, and I hope that it is, the galleries have almost no people to fight through compared to the little shops along the way. It’s a complete and total shame for the tourists that they miss out on all the artwork …but …their loss is most certainly my gain. So for those of us who live, work and breathe in Seoul far longer than the tourists, I do highly suggest going to Insadong because the art scene is still alive and gorgeous. Last weekend I had a fantastic time in two galleries.

Hongdae | Street Art

This is just a sprinkling of what you can find in Hongdae, near Hongik University,  as far as the street art goes. But, good god, it was a fantastic day to be there last Wednesday during the Lunar New Year! Very little in the way of “crowds” and most of the stores were still open. We had to hunt for a restaurant because many were closed but we got lucky on that end as well. I really just wanted to be out in the sun, taking pictures of all things colorful and spray paint filled. There is some real talent in those cans. And there is a lot more to take in, so head down there in the morning sometime before the waves of people buying cheap clothes and jewelry crush you under their brand new shoes.  This trip really geared me up for spring and jacket wearing weather. Come on, April!

Rubber Duck Project 2014 | Seoul

The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages! Florentijin Hofman: Artist If ever there was an art project with no real message, the Rubber Duck Project is one. And that is not me being hypercritical. The Rubber Duck has one purpose and it does it’s job very well: It makes you happy. As soon as I beheld the giant, yellow duck I was instantly happy. I wasn’t alone. I watched site-goers faces as they came down the hill to the duck’s temporary home and they were just lit up by the friendly duck. It was wonderful. This was something I really needed. It’s been a rough few weeks with too much drama. As soon as I went down to the pond and saw how happy everyone was there, I felt better.

Water Color Marbleizing | DIY

I am in love with the ease and clean up of this DIY project! You can take whatever you’d like to add a little shine to and “marbleize” it with some nail polish. The same nail polish you never get through before it turns into a gloppy mess! (Maybe that’s just my experience because I can’t stop buying it but rarely put it on.  Whoops.) Just click on the pictures and follow the steps and you to can marvel in wonderment at your skills in water colors!

Japanese Maple by Clive James

Your death, near now, is of an easy sort.                                                                                                                                                  So slow a fading out brings no real pain.                                                                                                                                       Breath growing short                               …

|Seoul Arts Center|The Great Artists

I kicked myself for not getting out to the Seoul Arts Center a couple weeks back when they had a beautiful art exhibit for Yayoi Kusama’s A Dream I Dreamed . I was actually worried that the exhibit would be too busy and it was going to be hard to find the Centerin  the summer heat. I found out this weekend its really not that hard to find it. I really REALLY wanted to see A Dream I Dreamed but I didn’t go and I’ve felt like I missed a great opportunity ever since.  Lesson learned: Just Go, Dummy!! They have some really amazing exhibits still ongoing. Check out the pictures for a few of their offerings. Many musicals and art shows. Pulitzer Prize Photographs Exhibit They also have modern Korean art  and Edvard Munch. Looks very promising. It was unbelievably busy.  The Great Artists exhibit is spectacular. There were so many household named artists that I was thanking my lucky stars again for getting to live in Seoul and having the opportunity to see the show. …

|Inspiration| Geometric Wall Deco

This is a story of hard fought triumph. My first attempt at making this wall art ended in tears and a hissy fit. Honestly, it was more like exasperation and quitting for a long time. I felt like throwing a hissy fit but I kept myself together. I wanted to make something similar to this design found on The Caldwell Project . I really loved the idea and her take on it. I like her little Instagram pictures.  I wanted to use her idea for some postcards but I just wanted to make mine a bit more abstract and I really wanted to use real wire. I thought the real wire would make it look more industrial and enhance its destiny of greatness. What it actually did was just bum me out. Here is what The Caldwell Project made and my own two versions. The second, as you will see, is much nicer. |Inspiration| This was my first take on it. I liked the design by the wire would not go straight. I hurt my hands …