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Korean Spiced Chili | with sweet cornbread

Spicy chili and the sweetest, cake-like cornbread merged together to make me incredibly happy with this meal. It’s been cold, drizzly, and the sun disappears sometime before I get off work…this is what I needed.

This is what you need.

This chili’s blend of Korean gochugaru, chipotle peppers in adobo and cumin are a mouth full of spice, love and warmth. Mine is vegan, and, wow, bring on the fake stuff! I loved the vegan meat I got at High Street Market in Itaewon. It had a great consistency and I didn’t miss the beef at all.

Top it with your all time favorites: avocado, cilantro, sour cream, Greek yogurt, corn chips, cheese, green onions and all other manner of deliciousness. Keep the cheese out though if you want to keep it vegan. I’d also like to rave about the chips I used. These tortilla chips are also a new favorite! You can find them at IHerb for a bit cheaper than High Street Market; they are made from beans but are won-der-ful!

It’s winter. Be kind to yourself and make a gorgeous pot of chili before you Netflix and coma.


To print your recipe, click here!


Chili recipe lovingly adapted from: Hapa Nom Nom

Want that temptingly sweet skillet cornbread with your chili? I used the recipe from Meg’s Everyday Indulgence. I subbed in coconut oil for the margarine to make it dairy free, but without the margarine taste.

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The Beastro | new american in hongdae

The Beastro is a well known and well hearted American bistro in Hongdae. It’s basically the Target of Western dining in Korea, everyone can take away something pretty good from it. My foodie pal Phil and I headed over there one gloriously awesome autumn day to have breakfast, cocktails and to overhear conversations in English.

After living in Korea for some time, I really have begun to hate listening to stranger’s banter that I actually understand. I think I really always hated it, even back in America. Why is there something so irritating about listening to people talk about things that are not remotely about you. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Being in a restaurant and not understanding anything, living in a beautiful bubble of dumbness, there is something otherworldly about it. It’s one of the reasons I love Korea. Bubbles.

My ridiculous sensitivities aside, the meal was very on the mark. I was excited before even going after reading the menu online and seeing a mushroom tart. MUSHROOM. TART. Did they know I was coming? They might as well have rolled out red carpet for me. Mushrooms & Me will be the name of my biography.

Walking in it felt very Western. The hostess was foreign, as were the wait staff and some of the chefs. There was a large bar and nice sized dining room. It’s bright in the afternoon next to the windows and it’s oh so warm inside.


 Behold our Bloody Mary and Mimosa.


This gorgeous creature was a sweet and savory mushroom tart that was buttery and flaky. It was served with an egg and Caesar salad.


Our next choice was a cute little southern spin on Eggs Benedict. Rather than an English muffin, this has an American style biscuit with smoked salmon. The gooey Hollindaise and biscuit were sweet country music in my mouth. It came with fried potatoes and a salad.


Look at that. Just look at it.


The Beastro, Hongdae 

Website (Reservations recommended but you can do it online)

Address: 358-32 Seogyo-dong 2F, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-838

Phone: (02) 334-2500

Hours per website:

Monday – Thursday
Dinner: 5:30pm–10:00pm

Dinner: 5:30pm–10:30pm

Brunch: 11:30am–3:00pm
Break time: 3:30pm–5:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm–10:30pm

Brunch: 11:30am–3:00pm
Break time: 3:30pm–5:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm–9:00pm

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Autumn Views | Seoul Fortress Wall

Time and tide wait for no lady. Even when she’s like, “Can you wait a second, I’m not like…super ready for November.”  Oh, there it goes. There went November. 

It’s December!

I know that’s a fact, but it seems nuts. November and most of October was a blur. I went out, did things, ate things… lived my life. And now it’s cold and dark when I get off work, so it’s back to blogging I go. I return to blogging season.


Sometime in November, I went on an amazing hike in the wilds of Seoul. It was sometime after I ate pounds and pounds of Halloween candy and was feeling especially awesome guilty. The trail is tough but worth it. There are steep inclines, beautiful scenery and fresh air plopped down just for the taking. I was thrilled to find it on my second attempt after we followed a very knowledgeable and talkative dad guiding his two kids to the trail. We were especially lucky to have such a beautiful, clear day to see far and wide.

The Seoul City Wall | Hanyangdoseong

The Hanyangdoseong protected palaces, government offices Jongmyo Shrine and Sajikdan Altar and residents in the Joseon capital for more than half a millennium. As such, the structure represents the capital and the very heart of the country.


Hyehwamun Gate Entrace


Taking in the views and beautiful blue skies.


We made new friends.



Then it was time to ruin the hike…with food.



You can find information about all the hiking trails along Seoul City Wall here:

I Seoul U

Our excursion started at Hyehwamun Gate and we traveled north. We ended somewhere near Samcheong-dong (where we promptly ate). It’s great for a Sunday afternoon…once the winter thaws, I’ll be back to try more of the wall.

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Taejongdae | a brief guide

Beautiful views.

Cool breezes.

The smell of pine and ocean together.

Taejongdae offers all these things and is a great little getaway in Busan. I was thoroughly impressed with the beauty and atmosphere offered here.

Just like every tourist place in Korea, there were hundreds of people at the base of the mountain in the shops, buying souvenirs and coffee and  waiting to take the trolley up. But, if you walk up on foot, which is a reasonable incline but not taxing (I did it in flip flops), it is wonderfully peaceful (something rare and beautiful in Korea at times) and you can get much better views for a much longer time. The blue ocean views from the cliffs were very calming and we seemed to be the only visitors to the small temple on our way up. It is a charming place altogether. And one I would recommend.




To get there: From Busan Station, take Bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff Bus Stop. Other buses bound for Taejongdae: No. 8, 13, 30, 88, or 101.

You can buy a ticket for a trolley to go to the top, a ticket for a ferry to go around the cliffs, or just walk up the mountain.

Hanbox | new review!

We were so happy to get another kind review by Beeju Boxes this month. As she subscribed to the box, she received the first box in July (which was our first box too).

As we continue to evolve our box and ideas, we love to get feedback. Order yours today and tell us what you think!

Order here! There is still time to order the September / October box!

hanbox (2)_edited

See our review here!


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autumn | design

Nothing is like autumn.

Saying adios to 90 degree heat and the ever persistent humidity that creeps into my hair sending it whisping all over my head like a maniac’s crown  gives me a renewed energy. Saying hello to crispy weather, comfort foods and colorful ginkgo leaves makes it all worth the torture. It is the best part of the year and the part I wait (somewhat) patiently for during those other three seasons.

This autumn:

I’ll be making amazing things in the kitchen (and probably some disasters as well 🙂 ). Going to new places (getting my Vitamin D). And getting the most out of this weather. My Pinterest page has exploded with ideas, itineraries and designing the most autumnist of autumns. I will rule Autumn 2016.



to make


savory tomato tarts with goat cheese by yellow lemon tree




to eat & drink

  • american mood has some spectacular looking sandwiches and it’s right in the neighborhood
  • 300 degree has pizza a foot long and tiramisu to boot; you had me at pizza


    the white american: american mood in nonhyeon-dong

  • the great bagel is walking distance but for some reason i haven’t made it there. bonus: i just found vegan cream cheese and i’m dying to try it
  • mong jung heon or crystal jade or din tai fung looks like dimsum heaven



to visit


Gateaux de Voyage | french pastry tasting

On some of the more exciting food trips I take around the great city of Seoul, I find myself face to face with heaven, also known as,  a dessert buffet. The buffet at the adorable patisserie in Nonhyeon-dong, is cleverly named a “tasting” so you don’t feel quite so glutinous.  But, there it is, a table full of pastries, chocolates and creams. If that’s not heaven…

This was the second pastry tasting event by French Chef Julian Favario in his shop, Gateaux de Voyage. My friend and I were disappointed to miss out on the first event after it filled up hours after being announced. Luckily for us, and the citizens of Seoul, he continues to have these events at regular intervals. They just completed their 8th event. As you eat, the staff and chef come around to talk to you. They are very friendly and warm, just like their little desserts. So you won’t return based just on how delicious everything is.

If you’d like to stuff your face (in a classy manner, it is French after all) with delicious, sugary confections, keep yourself updated by liking their Facebook page. All details (location, links and costs) are at the bottom of this post, so scroll all the way down. 


Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 014

A full table of French desserts was laid out. After a quick introduction, thank yous for coming and a call for pictures, we were allowed to start digging in.

To drink there was only juice. In the end, I had a headache from the hostile sugar takeover raging in my body. Some coffee or water would have helped tremendously. I will be sure to bring some if I go again.

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 013

pain au chocolats, macarons and strawberry trifles (maybe a fraisier)

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 012

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 010

These chocolate mousses might have been my favorite bite of the evening. They were rich and perfect in their chocolate to cream ratio.

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 009

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 008

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 007

chocolate petit four

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 006

lemon meringue petit four

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 005

decadent profiterole (choux à la crème)

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 004

a caramel and cream petit four

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 003

delicate cheesecake with lemon 

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 002

viennoiserie with apricots

Gateaux de Voyage Nonhyeon Seoul 001

homemade marshmallows

Gateaux de Voyage

Address: 11,Gangnamdaero 89 gil,  Seocho-Gu,  Seoul (서초구 강남대로 89길 11)

 722 Banpo-Dong, Seocho-Gu,  06536 Seoul,  South Korea (서초구 반포동 722)

Phone: 070-8119-1199

Regular Hours:  11am – 9pm



Cost for the tasting events: 31,000 won for two hours

Sign up for the events after they are announced right away, there are only 20 seats, and they fill up quick.

Loaded Breakfast Fries

An Ode to Fries

It’s morning.

You’re hungry.

The coffee is getting low and it’s not keeping you full.

It’s time for some fries.

Welcome to loaded breakfast fries, the adventure. This is a kind of choose your own adventure type of meal. You can follow my recipe to a T, or, you can venture out and make it all your own flavor. I’ll give you some additional options at the end so make sure to scroll all the way down.

Fries are the perfect morning meal, no matter what you’ve been taught. Don’t worry about eating healthy, these are oven roasted and spicy. It’s pumped full of vegetables and has protein from the eggs. It’s a savory, delicious mess that you will want to eat over and over again. I’ve been having it on the regular. I’ve mixed it up a few ways and haven’t been bored once. You really only need follow the directions for cooking the fries, after that, you’re free!

Click to get your free printable recipe!

Fries in full glory.

Loaded Breakfast Fries recipe found at 001Loaded Breakfast Fries recipe found at 002Loaded Breakfast Fries recipe found at 003

What else could you add? In no particular order: 

  • siracha
  • mayonnaise for dipping
  • pickled or fresh red onion
  • black olives
  • cheese
  • sour cream
  • sesame seeds
  • poached eggs (rather than fried)
  • kimchi
  • red, green, yellow peppers
  • green onion snips
  • bbq sauce
  • bacon bits
  • sauted mushrooms
  • poached or scrambled eggs

Hanbox | September/October!

Hello all!

We have a new box lined up for September/October with an adorability factor off the charts! There’s animal themes, there’s pink, there’s stuff you don’t want to miss out on!

For instance:

macaron pill cases


panda paraphernalia


bunny phone accrotrements 



For your very own Hanbox delivered right to your door, be sure to visit the website by clicking on the picture! It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, it’s Korean!


Chuncheon | The Home of Dak Galbi

This has been a mean and petty summer. Nearly every day since  July has been blistering and it’s too hot to enjoy getting out of the apartment and brushing off the cabin fever. My school had it’s annual quick summer vacation and I took the time to go on a foodie adventure to Chuncheon, where one of my favorite Korean dishes, dak galbi, is said to have originated and pretend I was one of the castmates of my favorite Korean show, Tasty Guys. My plan was simpleeat too much and ignore the sweat beaming through my shirt.

Tasty Guys is a reality eating show where 4 loveable comedians eat more food than you ever thought was humanly possible. It’s just…wow. They can really pack it in. So I visited a city based on food and I pretended to be a host of a Korean TV show. I think that’s totally acceptable, right?

Luckily, there are several wonderful things to do in Chuncheon, which I will post about later, so we didn’t just eat all day. But, the food was the driving force and it was really special.

The Change in Itinerary

We had originally planned to go to a different, newer dak galbi restaurant. However, by chance, we picked maybe the best cab driver in all of Chuncheon. He recommended a totally different style of dak galbi, something I’ve never had. So we headed over the very picturesque Chamnamu Sutbul (Oaktree Charcoal Fire Dakgalbi and Makkuksu).

The restaurant is very eco-looking. It is all open (read: no air conditioning) and sits on a gravel floor. Hot fires are burning everywhere. If the food wasn’t so delicious I would have worried about sweating to death.

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 014

You get some sparse banchan (because it’s all about the chicken here) and you can use all of them to make ssam (food wrapped in lettuce).  I particularly loved the tteok (rice cakes) that you could fry up to make them crispy on the outside but soft in the middle. The Tasty Guys could probably eat 100s of them.

Here it is. Doesn’t look like the chicken rib you are used to getting in Seoul, right? This is more like barbeque dak galbi and it’s cooked over these roaring hot black stones. The stones and sauce give it an amazing smokey and  sweet flavor, it is finger licking good.

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 002Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 007Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 008

Some ssam ideas 🙂 . You’re welcome.

And like chicken and biscuits in America, this chicken has a perfect pairing as well, makguksu, a Korean buckwheat noodle dish. I have a video of me mashing this all up with my bare hands and serving it, however, my camera turns out to be extra horrible at recording. So I won’t subject you to it. There goes my hopes and dreams of being the first non-Korean speaking host of Tasty Guys. (Cries.)

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 013

They also have a self serve ice cream corner. So much perfection in one little stop. I wanted to hug that cab driver.


You really ought to try it.

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 015

Chamnamu Sutbul Chuncheon Dakgalbi & Makkuksu



Address: 64-4 Cheonjeon-ri, Sinbuk-eup, Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do

Phone: 033-242-0388

Hours: 10:30am – 8:00pm

By Cab: You can download these and show them to your cab driver.