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Guilty Pleasure | southern american in itaewon

This year I decided to stop using the term guilty pleasure. I figured I’m at an age that I shouldn’t feel guilty if I want to indulge, so I don’t anymore.  But, I won’t hold that against this Southern American style restaurant in Itaewon who took on the name so cleverly and basks in the warm glow of fat, cream and cheese.

Guilty Pleasure is a basement level restaurant in one of the back alleys of Itaewon. It’s become a class act staple of good brunch spots and after one visit, I get the hype. It’s cozy and dark and a perfect place to grab a meal with a little mood. Sure the name sounds like a house of ill repute, but you will only find great food here.

What I mainly took away from GP (i.e. what I daydreamed about the rest of the day): all the good stuff on the breakfast plate we ordered was homemade. The biscuits-homemade. The compote-homemade. Even the sausage was homemade. It’s a small portion compared to something you would get back in the states, but the taste was love-real love -Mary J. Blige style.*

Sometimes you forget how much you miss things until you eat it again. It’s a homey, cuddly, Christmas socks and hot cocoa feeling. And that alone will keep you coming back.



Cocktail time



Bruno is a real dog and adorable mascot.


Guilty Pleasure Brunch Platter: Full of homemade grease and wonder.


Homemade buttery biscuits over some well flavored gravy.


I had some reservations about their Croque Madame. If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a Paris Baguette, you understand. I wondered if it would simply be sopping in cheese with little to no taste. Would be it dusted in sugar for some ungodly reason? Would it be just plain gross and disappoint me on a deeply personal level?

With all these concerns, it’s a wonder I ordered it at all.

Rest assured, it was tres fantastique. They didn’t overcheese it. They didn’t sugar it. They slathered it with a tangy mustard that worked so perfectly with the richness of the bread and cheese. It was love.


If you still have guilty feelings about eating decadent brunches, then …more for me!

#moreforme #allthehomemadebiscuits #downhomelove

* Thank you, Amy Poehler. All you gals need to watch Spring Breakdown. Like yesterday.

Guilty Pleasure

Address서울특별시 용산구 이태원로20길 2-10, Seoul, South Korea

Phone:  02-794-4332

Hours per Facebook:

Monday: closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 6pm-12am

Friday: 6pm-1am

Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-3pm then 6pm-1pm(12am Sun)

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