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Autumn Views | Seoul Fortress Wall

Time and tide wait for no lady. Even when she’s like, “Can you wait a second, I’m not like…super ready for November.”  Oh, there it goes. There went November. 

It’s December!

I know that’s a fact, but it seems nuts. November and most of October was a blur. I went out, did things, ate things… lived my life. And now it’s cold and dark when I get off work, so it’s back to blogging I go. I return to blogging season.


Sometime in November, I went on an amazing hike in the wilds of Seoul. It was sometime after I ate pounds and pounds of Halloween candy and was feeling especially awesome guilty. The trail is tough but worth it. There are steep inclines, beautiful scenery and fresh air plopped down just for the taking. I was thrilled to find it on my second attempt after we followed a very knowledgeable and talkative dad guiding his two kids to the trail. We were especially lucky to have such a beautiful, clear day to see far and wide.

The Seoul City Wall | Hanyangdoseong

The Hanyangdoseong protected palaces, government offices Jongmyo Shrine and Sajikdan Altar and residents in the Joseon capital for more than half a millennium. As such, the structure represents the capital and the very heart of the country.


Hyehwamun Gate Entrace


Taking in the views and beautiful blue skies.


We made new friends.



Then it was time to ruin the hike…with food.



You can find information about all the hiking trails along Seoul City Wall here:

I Seoul U

Our excursion started at Hyehwamun Gate and we traveled north. We ended somewhere near Samcheong-dong (where we promptly ate). It’s great for a Sunday afternoon…once the winter thaws, I’ll be back to try more of the wall.

Please visit soon! Likes and follows are loved!


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