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ANH | A Review

Anh is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in the very pop/ ulated/ ular Yeonnam-dong. Most sites will warn you to show up as soon as it opens, and I’m going to go ahead and jump on that band wagon. Yeah…it’s cozy. And by cozy I mean it can sit under 20 people at any given time and you may be sitting with strangers. (awwwwkward)

Luckily, we showed up right at 5pm when the restaurant opened. There was no line at that time, and since it’s against my self imposed foodie law to stand in line for food in the blazing hot summer sun for some food, I considered myself very lucky.

The food is nice and I can see why people like it. Would I wait in line for it? Nah, not really. While the taste was nice, there are good flavors, but it had no real wow. I kept thinking back to a little run down spot my sister had taken me in Memphis, TN that had the most amazing pho.  That comparison didn’t help Anh for me.

As much as I enjoyed the early dinner, I’d prefer to try another place next time-to compare- instead of waiting in line for Anh again. For science and prosperity.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 001

The entrance is to the basement through the urban jungle.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 2

Inside is so sweet and lovely. After walking around a seering summer day, the cool, basement restaurant was a godsend.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 003Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 004Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 005Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 006Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 007

My favorite part was the papaya salad. It’s full of fresh and crisp papaya, shrimp and green onions. Highly recommended if you go.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 009

Some pretty basic spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 010Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 008Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 011

I -ahem- forgot to take a picture of the pho before I messed up all the prettiness. Who does that, you may ask?….Animals.  The pho had a nice broth and great stuff to toss in there. But there was no va-va voom.

Again, our meal was good. I’d go again if I were in the neighborhood. But, I would not wait in a long line for it. Not unless I was really craving that papaya salad.

Anh Yeonnam dong Seoul 012

Anh: Go for the pho, stay for the papaya salad…snuggle with big, beautiful pillows.


Address: 262-13, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu

Hours: 12pm-10pm, break from 3-5pm

Phone: 070-4205-6266


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