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Asian Style Cobb Salad

This summery salad combines so much of things that I love including feeling healthy while still eating fats and noodles.  Hmmm…noodles.

My take on the Cobb has no lettuce, instead the buckwheat noodles take its place as the base. They are perfect for a warm weather salad since they are served cool. The noodles also work amazingly well with the vegetables and flavor-maze dressing.

You can add whatever you’d like to this salad. This one is vegetarian and I made it for Meatless Monday. The “bacon” on my Cobb is a vegan mushroom bacon I found on Healthy Happy Life. You can find the recipe here! I highly suggest the recipe, not because it tastes just like bacon, but because it’s just a really tasty mushroom dish. I ate many (many many) before putting them on my salad.

Asian Cobb Salad unepeach.com 011

Print out the recipe here: Asian Style Cobb Salad


Asian Cobb Salad unepeach.com 010

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