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Hanbox | My New Venture

This month my Portland-based friend Gina and I finally started promoting a shop that has been a couple years in the making…our own subscription box business! Our shop idea has gone through several key changes through our planning and vast amount of discussions.

In the end, we decided a Korean lifestyle box was the way to go! We are in love with this idea! Now, it seems like such an obvious thing to do we both love Korea and the Korean culture. I have always loved shopping for all the unique Korean products and giving them to friends and family back home. Now I can do it lucratively! 😀

So we have created Hanbox!

hanbox (2)_edited

This is easily one of my proudest moments…this idea we had that came to fruition. Hanbox is our Korean lifestyle subscription box. Each month we will carefully choose the items to include from the wide varieties of Korean accessories, stationery, cosmetics and more.

We chose the name and logo from the hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. We think it perfectly encapsulates Korea and her style. We hope to see this small shop inspire others to fall in love with Korean style as well. We hope to get a strong fan base and grow the shop to many varieties of boxes and styles.

Visit us Soon! Sign  up for a subscription!


Website: http://www.myhanbox.com

Instagram: @myhanbox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanboxsubscriptions/

A little sample of what we offer!

FB Border 3




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