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West Coast Living | Downtown Portland

Since my trip to the friendliest city in America, Portland, Oregon, was last summer, I guess it’s about time to write a little blurb about it.

Yeah, Portland, it’s true. You have too many homeless. I don’t like seeing babies on the street with their mom who is begging. Not cool. There is definitely room for improvements to be made.

But the charm of Portland still seeped through. There is old architecture and design through it’s entirety. At the time I visited it was a bit sleepy and calm. There is no real hustle and bustle. Just a city like you might see in the movies, where people can actually walk nonchalantly gossiping without getting in everyone’s way…or worse, being pushed out of the way by those in a bigger rush.

A few places I wanted to hit while there were VooDoo Donuts, Finnegan’s Toy Store, Powell’s Books and food truck mecca. Although we went to VooDoo Donuts first, we were too late. Already there was a massive line for what I can assume are good but not worth an hour wait donut. (Plus, my friend said that the staff there are assh*les to the customers anyway. I don’t need to wait in line to deal with that.) Everything else was a go!

Finnegan’s was oozing with childhood wonderment. Toys I haven’t seen for years mixed with amazing new inventions adorned every spare space in the place. Powell’s was fun but crowded and being my first visit, I didn’t really understand how to get around the place.

The food truck block was everything I dreamed it would be. So many choices, only one stomach.

Now, what is downtown Portland missing? Coffee shops, cafes…where do people sit down and get a cup of coffee and rest their weary feet? I know I am very spoiled by Seoul’s massive coffee empire but the few places I saw in Portland were crammed with people.

But, it’s important to love a city for what it is and Portland has so many perks. The people are amazingly friendly and kind. The food trucks will rock your lunch or dinner experiences and there is plenty to see in and out of the downtown area.

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