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The Flying Pan White & Autumn in Garosugil

We Seoulites can count ourselves lucky with all fingers and toes this year with how long we had a “autumn” in Korea. Some years it snaps by with a “see ya next year!” faster than I can get out and enjoy some colorful foliage. So with the beautiful weather all about and an empty stomach, my friend and I headed to Garosugil to walk through fallen ginkgo leaves and eat some brunch.  We weren’t disappointed with anything that day.

The Flying Pan is well known brunch and breakfast spot in Itaewon where it is known as The Flying Pan Blue. But, it’s a chain and the one is Garosugil is known as The Flying Pan White. (There’s also a Red in the GT Tower near Gangnam Station and a Gold in Samseung-dong. ) They all have ALL DAY brunch.

Here’s what White is all about:

The menu has a great many options. If eggs aren’t your thing, they have pancakes, french toast, sandwiches, salads and dinner dishes. There are vegetarian dishes as well. We ordered two meals with no meat.

The first out was the roasted banana french toast. Full disclosure, we didn’t order this. We actually ordered the berry french toast and when the banana one arrived, it looked so outrageous we decided to keep it. They apologized and would have fixed the problem but…I mean…look at that. Thick chunks of brioche bread covered in crisped rice and fried, topped with roasted bananas and maple syrup. Basically, it’s the best French toast I’ve ever had.  If this was a problem, it was the best kind of problem.

Next we had The Flying Pan Breakfast. I’ve had this dish twice, once at the White and one at the Blue. Both times: very nice. I LOVE all these mushrooms piled high and drizzled with balsamic. The pesto and poached egg taste amazing together and using hummus in a brunch dish is inspiring. They really have all the flavors mingling well. It’s very satisfying and hearty while looking elegant. Looks don’t matter much as I’m shoving it in my face, but it’s good for pictures. 😀

And here is beautiful Garosugil in the autumn! I should have walked around more to take more pictures. Live and learn I guess.

If you are in Seoul, I hope you got out and enjoyed it too! Korea’s best season has just left us. Brrrrrrr….

The Flying Pan 

White’s Address: 신사동 540-22

540-22, Sinsa-dong, Seoul

White’s Phone: 02-514-5585


Other branch addresses, from Facebook:

Red I 서초동 1317-23
Blue I 이태원동 123-7
Gold I 삼성동 159-8


  1. hehe i was lucky to catch the yellow and red leaves this year! btw, i’ve been the flying pan i hong kong once idk if it’s the same. but this one looks way fancier! the food looks reaaaally yummy too!

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