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OM Restaurant & Bar | A Review

I would love to say that I’m so dedicated to finding amazing food that I traveled all the way from Gangnam to Samcheongdong JUST to eat Indian food I read about on the internet. Honestly, though, I love Samcheongdong so it doesn’t take much to get me up there. Sure its crazy busy but there are just so many shops and cafes and galleries…it’s basically heaven, exactly what I think about when I think about how much I love Seoul.

But, lets talk about OM. First off, it’s a great name. Onomatopoeia is always awesome.

The foods not half bad either. We had potato samosas, chicken tandoori and palak paneer. We added some jasmine rice, garlic naan and Phil had a strawberry lassi for kicks and giggles. The samosas were very much right up my alley. Lots of spices inside with the potato and a crispy outside. My only gripe is that there were only two. An order should come with at least three. (Opinions are solely my own. No one is paying me to express opinions about how much I can eat.) The palak paneer had a lot of creaminess and a terrific mild flavor and the chicken was cooked well. I loved the expansive piece of naan. So soft and dreamy with lots of garlic. Honestly, if Indian places have a decent piece of bread, I’ll forgive a multitude of culinary mistakes.  Luckily I very much enjoyed the meal there.

They have set menus as well but soup and salad are on tap and that just doesn’t scream “Indian food” to me.  So we ordered a la carte and we think we made the right decision.



OM Restaurant & Bar

Three locations: Samcheongdong       Gwanghwamun     Mapo

Samcheongdong Location Information

phone: 02-730-4865

address: 125-1, Samcheongdong, Jongnogu, Seoul

Reservations not needed for lunch but you can make dinner reservations on their English website.


  1. was thinking to drop by samcheongdong one of these days and this looks REALLY tempting to try! how was the price range like?

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