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Candles for a Cause

I spent the best two hours last Sunday in a candle making class for one in the most adorable of shops in Jongno near Samcheongdong. If you know me well you know that this was basically as good as living a dream for me.  This is one of my favorite, if not my most favorite, parts of Seoul. Just being in the area is a good day for me but I got to actually spend time creating things in a handmade candle and jewelry shop. The best part? It was for charity!

For 30,000 won you will be donating proceeds to CATS, Whisker’s Ministop. This is a beautiful organization that homes cats waiting for adoption. It is run by one woman who I quite literally don’t know how she does it all on her own.  She works a full time job, takes care of all her cats in the shelter and is always ready to help with her fosters as well. I took in my little Bacchus from CATS as a foster and fell madly in love with him. After a few months I knew I couldn’t give him up. We have lived as a family of three ever since. ❤

Now, let’s talk about what you get for 30K. You will get a lesson with Shaira Ahn. She is the owner and artist behind Serene, her shop. She speaks awesome English so it is very easy. She will help you make two 200 gram soy candles with a scent of your choice. Since it was just me, I got a few service items as well. They are not necessarily included with your lesson. These extras are at the discretion of the owner. You will get the instructions plus information for where you can get your own materials to make the candles.

My lesson started with sitting at the little work table with a hot cup of coffee.  It was chilly outside but so comfy inside. I then began sniffing the different scents until I shot one straight up my nose. Because, that’s me.  After I blew all the oil out of my nose and accepted my humiliation, we set about measuring out wax, melting it, mixing scents, pouring and decorating. I was in love with the entire process. Shaira explains everything we do and why we do it. She explains her material choices as well so you have a good idea that your candle is a well made item. Then in the waiting time, we talked cats and I showed off my baby pictures. I can’t help myself.

The candles turned out lovely and I can’t wait to go back because she also does a room diffuser lesson. Think about going if you are in Seoul. You can sign up on Facebook here.  You will be doing good while having a wonderful experience.  But, um…don’t shoot oils up your nose. It’s embarrassing.

Price for the Classes

Candle Making Class 30,000 Won

Diffuser making Class 30,000 Won

Serenity Candle Making 001

The bees wax candles look excellent with the handmade copper holders. Shaira’s husband makes those modern holders. Seriously, how adorable is this couple?

Serenity Candle Making 002

She says she spends a lot of her free time at flea markets. These look like some of her finds. ❤

Serenity Candle Making 003

Her husband also makes the teacups and shot glasses with pressed flowers in the bottom.

Parts of the process.

Serenity Candle Making 011

I was so pleased with myself!

Serenity Candle Making 010

I love those purple and blue flowers with the little green balls.

Serenity Candle Making 009

Serenity Candle Making 013

My pressed flower “C” on hanji, traditional Korean paper.

Serenity Candle Making 015

Perfume for anything.

Serenity Candle Making 014

Serenity Candle Making 017

Serenity Candle Making 018


  1. rachel says

    Hi Crystal, am having difficulty contacting the owner of Serene for class. The is no reply from the Facebook. Is there any other way to contact her?

    • Hi Rachel! Can you send me an email at I will send you a picture of her business card. I know the class I took was set up through CATS Whiskers Ministop. CATS have recently moved and it’s a really small operation so I’m sure the owner has been really busy. 🙂 But, I will send you any information I have, just drop me a note!

  2. Hi. So glad to bump into your post. Will be going back to Seoul next year and am thinking of taking some classes while there. May I know how many hours you spent for the candle making class? Figuring out how to fit it into my itinerary. Thanks!:)

    • Hi! It’s great you want to take the class! It was probably about 2 hours in total. That includes making things, waiting for things to dry, talking and looking around. It really wasn’t a huge time commitment. And if you’ve been to Seoul before, you probably know the area is really popular with tourists so you could make a whole day of it. 🙂

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