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Sushi Shi-ro | A Review

On some occasions, it is permissible to eat about 5 pounds of white rice, right? What if that rice is topped with some of the best sushi I have found in beautiful Seoul? Well, either way, that rice went into my mouth.

I was really pleased with our meal at Shi-ro! I think it can be difficult to find a mid-range price point sushi restaurant with quality leaps and bounds above the conveyor belt sushi. Each piece was made well, nothing fell apart and everything had a distinctive taste. The salmon, trout and herring melted in my mouth. I loved the mixed rice bowl full of salmon, urchin egg, crab and clam. And the abalone that had been seared was the first time I’ve ever tasted abalone that wasn’t steamed…divine.

The atmosphere was really special. It is located on the second floor and they can open up the entire wall to a great view of the street below. The seating is around the chef preparation area so you can see everything being made. They work quickly but the pace of each new piece is comfortable. It took about an hour to eat our full meal and I fell in love with it after the first bite.

And then the meal began.

You need to make reservations to eat this amazing meal.

Address | #318-2 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone | 02.336.8353

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