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The Great Outdoors | Adventure time with Gina & Crystal

I was incredibly lucky to FINALLY go visit my friend, Gina after an  almost 7 or 8 year separation, in Vancouver, Washington which is a stone’s throw from Portland, Oregon.  (It was also the perfect occasion to spread on some thick guilt about getting over to Korea to visit me. Dates were set. No backing out now, Gina!)

On one of my beautiful vacation days we went hiking on Eagle Creek Trail, part of the Columbia River Gorge. This hike has everything you could want to see when your hiking days are quite scant and you want to make the most of it. There were basin pools, waterfalls and foliage out of a fairy tale landscape.  It was ridiculously gorgeous as you can see. It was a bit hard for an out of shape gal like myself but every step was worth it! We made it to the 3.3 mile mark and back. I was really proud of us!

If you want to see anymore, visit my Flikr page! Portland, Oregon | Eagle Creek Trail

After our hike, rewards were deserved. We headed to Horse Brass Pub, a well known pub in Southeast Portland which has a beer on tap that has been voted #1 by people in the know for a few years, Pliney the Elder. Gina said it was rare to have it on tap but this place did…where in other areas of the country, people would stand in line for it. And, if you didn’t know already, lining up for food or drinks anywhere but a food truck with a reasonable line, is totally against my food lover’s policy.

And the verdict?

I…didn’t enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of IPA or a lot of hops. The end, especially, was so bitter I had a hard time finishing it. Ahhh, well…it was a great place to try it out!

What definitely made up for it was the most unbelievable fish sandwich I’ve ever had. It’s called the “Fishwich” and you need it in your life. The food was as unbelievable as the views in Eagle Creek!

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