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Gus’s Fried Chicken | A Memphis Institution

There are a few places that must be on your foodie-to-do list while visiting Memphis and Gus’s Fried Chicken should be in your top 5.  Cooked in the grease that has been cultivated for 60 years, this place knows how to fry. Their sides aren’t sloppy either. Perfectly seasoned, battered, fried and cheesed, you will want to sample damn near everything on the menu.

As I said previously, my trip to Memphis was short but I managed to eat some amazing food. Gus’s was indeed a highlight.

Gus's Memphis Menu

Gus's Memphis

Gus's Memphis Golden Ale

Washed down my heavy meal with a cold, crisp Tennessee ale. The Ghost River Golden is not on the menu but you can ask for it.

Veggie Plate Gus's Memphis

This is the “vegetarian” platter.  I know. It’s hilariously named but it’s the perfect way to order a bunch of amazing sides. My sister ordered the fried okra, mac & cheese and greens.

Fried Okra Gus's Memphis

Fried Okra. Recommended!

Fried Green Tomatoes Gus's Memphis

Fried Green Tomatoes. Recommended!

3 piece dark meat Gus's Memphis

The three piece plate. Dark meat. Cole Slaw. Beans. White bread to soak up all that grease you might lose to the plate. Lol…Recommended!

3 piece dark meat Gus's Memphis 2

The right amount of batter, grease, crisp, and tender chicken. The batter has a bit of spiciness so get the right sides…or just all the sides!

Add it to your list when you visit Memphis!


  1. chris says

    Best fried chicken ever! I recommend the deep fried pickles as an app. You can’t go wrong at Gus’

  2. I need to go to the Memphis one. They have one in Southaven and went we went, it wasn’t good. I will have to retry the Memphis one soon, your blog post gives me hope for redemption

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