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Lobster Shack | A Review

Getting restaurants checked off my Garosugil list is so rewarding. I live for the small victories in life!

Lobster Shack is a pleasant little basement restaurant with sandwiches packed full of lobster. The menu has some very creative items with cheese and jalapenos but also classics like the The Original Maine and The Connecticut, which I sampled greedily. The atmosphere is casual and they have some outdoor seating. However, I have seen a line more than once and eating in front of a line of hungry people is not my idea of a relaxing dining experience. So I would opt to eat indoors in that line develops.

With all the hype of Itaewon’s  Lobster Bar and my reluctance to hop on the bus to take me there, I was really pleased there was a lobster roll restaurant closer and not at all fussy. I can’t compare the two, however, and all I can say is that both sandwiches were scrumptious and full of meat. The owner grew up in Maine and is obviously no slouch. The food is very flavorful and I love the rolls (not hot dog buns) that are buttered and toasted.

Menu Lobster Shack Garosugil

Menu 3 Lobster Shack Garosugil

Menu 2 Lobster Shack Garosugil

It’s a pretty big menu for a sandwich shop. My suggestion is to stick with the basics at first. Venture out at your own risk…I didn’t. 🙂

Lobster Shack Lemonade Garosugil

Phil at Lobster Shack Garosugil

Phil patiently waiting for his roll.

The Original Maine Style Lobster Shack Garosugil

The Original Maine Style. Mayo and a bit of herbs. Terrific slaw and decent fries. Nothing was overpowering the meat and again, I love those rolls!

The Original Maine Style Lobster Shack Garosugil 2

Halved Maine Lobster Roll Lobster Shack Garosugil

The Connecticut Lobster Shack Garosugil 2

Ding! The Connecticut was definitely a winner. Just some butter and garlic with peppery arugula…amazing.

The Connecticut Lobster Shack Garosugil

Shrimp Basket Lobster Shack Garosugil

The menu says the Shrimp Basket are deep fried shrimp so I expected something battered. However, this basket was a very crafty surprise. They seem more pan fried than deep fried but these salty little wonder shrimp are sitting on top of the most amazing bed of fried garlic (not for the faint of heart or those on a date with a newly appointed significant other). L-OVED it.

Shrimp Basket Lobster Shack Garosugil 2

Lobster Bar Garosugil

Lobster Shack Garosugil

Website: Lobster Shack

Hours: 12PM to 10PM

Address: 강남구 신사동 524-27 지층, Seoul, Korea

524-27 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone: (02) 6402-0904


    • Hi…sorry for the late reply. It’s in one of the winding little roads next to Garosugil so I don’t have the exact directions. I have added a map to the post now though! I hope you can use that!

    • It’s a bit of a walk from Sinsa but not that far. Just take exit 8 and plug the address into google maps. It will take you there. 🙂

  1. cliff says

    Hi, is this place open on holidays like October 3, because we are planning a trip to maybe visit this place.

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