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Banana Tree Cafe | Sinsa

Banana Tree Garosugil Title

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs with brass, umm, knuckles, and have decided to open up a little cafe in Seoul, the land of seemingly endless and charming cafes, you need a little something sparkly to stand out to keep from going under. Banana Tree Cafe in Sinsa found its sparkling star in a pudding dessert dressed up like a clay pot of flowers and you can happily spoon it up with a mini shovel spoon. In America, it’s something similar to dirt pudding except there are no chocolate flavors. (Honestly, they need a chocolate. No special reason, but I really like chocolate.)

There are other adorable things on the menu like a cotton candy latte and a something called an EGGYFFOGATO, which looks like brownie, ice cream and coffee in an egg dish. Too cute.

I stuck with a banana pudding flower pot, which was dead on in the “tastes like home” department. I also got a very sweet citron tea. I probably wouldn’t get the tea again as it was just too sickly sweet for my tastes and it was so hot I wanted something a bit more sour.  But, you do get a lot of tea and the pudding made the trip a success.

The location in Sinsa is snug, maybe four tables max. They have a little back porch and its perfect if there isn’t a ton of people. Time your visit accordingly, early and before dinner are probably the best times to visit.
Banana Tree Garosugil

Lemon Stirer Banana Tree Garosugil

Dirt Pot Banana Tree Garosugil

Banana Tree Garosugil Dig In

Banana Tree Garosugil 2


Address:  526 신사동 강남구, Seoul, Korea

526 Sinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: 02-3442-6050

Monday – Friday 11AM – 9PM
Saturday 12AM – 8PM
Sunday 11AM – 10PM




    • Aww, thanks! Actually, I didn’t bring my camera that day and I just took these with my camera phone (hehe) It’s an LG 3G. 😀

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