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Hoonje(훈제) ori(오리) | Smoked Duck

After walking around Insadong galleries and building up a monstrous appetite (doesn’t take much), I convinced Phil we needed to try a back alley, old school, touristy Korean restaurant. I’ve wanted to try one for so long and I did have to push a bit because Phil has Korean food everyday. But, I really don’t so I was desperate for some. Aaaand….I’m pretty pushy.

Back alley restaurant it was!

So we had delicious smoked duck and seafood pajeon. The duck was phenomenal (as duck always is) with loads of flavor and served sizzling on a piping hot plate. The plate also housed some fresh kimchi and a whole onion that slowly fried up nicely with the duck fat. The food was so good is almost blocked out the truly obnoxious group of coworkers screaming with delight (and drunkenness) behind us for an hour.

Another win for Korean food! Love the duck.









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