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The Libertine | A Review

It is with great sadness I have to inform you that I should have gone to The Libertine a million years ago. Why am I always so late?? I need to get out of the house more often. And even though I only live in Gangnam, sometimes it seems like Itaewon is Oregon Trail far away.

After a failed attempt to immediately get into The Flying Pan at noon on Saturday (crazy dumb, I know, I know) I told Phil we needed to walk down the road a bit because there was a couple restaurants I wanted to try but couldn’t remember their names. Congrats, Libertine, you were one of them!  What a testament to your good name, right?

The Libertine Itaewon Seoul Korea

Libertine Itaewon 1

There was brunch ~ so there we be.

The Libertine Itaewon Seoul

Sleek. Comfortable. Fresh. Contemporary. The setup is beautiful and professional. It’s casual but refined. It felt special but not awkward and starched shirt.

The Libertine Itaewon Seoul Specials

They have a 3 house wines for 25,000|won per person deal. If I could drink in the afternoon without needing an immediate nap nap time I would have been all over that.

Libertine Itaewon Menu

Libertine Itaewon Drinks Menu

Drinks menu. Lots of nice brunch cocktails, but again, if I have plans for the day I can’t do afternoon alcohol.

Phil Contemplative


Serious business happening here.

Libertine Parmesan and Herb Fries with Aioli

The Herb and Parmesan Fries were unbelievable. Seriously, so simple yet scrumptious. I complained a bit ago about the parm fries at Double Trouble. I wanted some real cheese because the canned stuff is too rank. God, the difference is unbelievable. The cheese, the crispy fries and the aioli made it feel like such a glutinous decadence that I crave on my weekends.

Libertine Parmesan and Herb Fries with Aioli 2

Libertine Biscuits and Gravy

As thrilled as I was to try the most adorable Biscuits & Gravy I’ve ever seen, (I mean…look at those little things..) I was more than saddened when I tried to cut into the biscuit to find it as hard as my head. I never send food back. I hemmed and hawed at telling the staff, because I’m American and I don’t want spit in my food, but Phil convinced me.

The staff were really sweet about it. They said that, whatever those biscuit things were, they are supposed to be rock hard but The Libertine will soon be taking them off the menu because they’ve had many complaints. (If the explanation stopped here I’d be yelling: LAME.) Then she offered to take it off the bill and comp us something else. Sweet! The sign of a great business!

Libertine Biscuits and Gravy 2

Libertine Eggs Royale 2

The Eggs Royale were lush. This is a fishy take on the more traditional American breakfast, Eggs Benedict. I prefer this version so many times but they offer both on the menu. Perfectly poached eggs sat on top of a peice of smoked salmon and half an English muffin. As all us breakfast lovers know, the Hollandaise sauce is what makes this dish the jewel of the breakfast world. They’ve got the sauce down pat, it was balanced and not too buttery…wonderful. Highly recommended.

And I would normally complain about the all too common “Korean” side salad but this one had bits of red onion, a decent dressing that wasn’t bitter and apples. It was a step up and well appreciated.

Libertine Eggs Royale

French Onion Soup was our “consolation prize” for the Biscuit Disaster of 2015. It was so nice, warm and really cheesy.  It was almost too sweet and if that is not your thing be wary of it.  But, I really warmed to the sweetness paired with the bread and cheese.

We could have gotten a full meal for the biscuits but I was really full and most things on the menu were big meals (burgers + fries, beef bourguignon, cioppino, or another big salad). I thought soup would do us fine.

Libertine French Onion Soup

Libertine French Onion Soup 2


I’m not texting…that’s work, lol.

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