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Jungsik | Revisted

Another weekend, another reason to go all out. That’s a saying, right?

Phil decided that we must try Jungsik again for two reasons. 1. It has moved locations from a cozy little place to a three level mega-restaurant. 2. It’s a different season than our last time there so there would be an entirely new menu.

Jungsik Dang is owned and operated by Chef Yim Jungsik and its often rated as one of the best restaurants in Korea. I admit it is the finest restaurant I’ve ever eaten in and I feel infinitely fortunate that I’ve had the pleasure twice.


Main Entrance. Three floors. Dining is on the second floor.



Amuse Bouche Set. Salmon Mousse.

The amuse bouche is glorious. And while an amuse is supposed to be one or two items, I was pleased as punch to see plate after plate of tiny creations. The standouts were the salmon mousse and bracken with puffed rice cracker. The tuna burger, while too adorable, had a dry “bun” that I could not get around.


Spinach Roll


Acorn Jelly on Seaweed Toasts


Rice ball with Gochujang Sauce


Sauteed Bracken on Puffed Rice


Fried Potatoes with Creme Fraiche


Salmon “Burger”


Fried Chicken with Honey Mustard


Peanut Butter Cookie


Appetizer: Egg Salad

Wholly satisfying to just look at, I could not wait to chomp into one of those gooey, crispy, quail eggs. They were so clever but, more importantly, delicious. It works so perfectly with the crunch of the raw vegetables and cheese. Man o man.




Appetizer: Tuna with Kimchi Glaze

The sauce for the fish was a bit of soy and a bit of kimchi taste, which marry well together, but the real winner was popping on some puffed rice to the tuna. The tuna was grilled and moist but that extra pop made it special. Pop!



Rice: Shrimp and Shrimp Chips

Again, to my disappointment, the Rice portion of the meal was the most unappetizing. I could not eat mine, the shrimp and shrimp chips. The shrimp were congealed in something I cannot identify and I had two bites and was left a bit sad. It was mostly about the texture as it did taste reminiscent of a bibimbop, which I would normally love.



Rice: Tripe Paella

The tripe paella was a bit better, different flavor and use of quinoa was nice, but there was still something quite slimy in it. I ate more of this one because it had that wonderful smokey paella taste, but I’m afraid I can’t deal with slime.


Sea: Seabass with Sea Cucumber

The sea bass was perfection. it had a salty, crispy skin and a great sea cucumber salad underneath. The creamy, buttery sauce really helped up the eat with your eyes first value and taste.



Sea: Red Big Eye and Octopus Salsa

While not quite the beauty queen as the sea bass was, this red big eye was also beautifully cooked and had a unique spin from the octopus salsa underneath. I’m not quite sure cauliflower was the most perfect vegetable to pair with this but I did love the fact that it was roasted. I think a nice green vegetable would have made it pop. Pop!


Land: Pork Jowl with Pickled Vegetables

Yay! This one was mine. I had originally order the galbi but was told by the staff that it included some veal. (wtf?) So this was my second choice but I really enjoyed it. It had the most crisped skin and a rich, soft inside. The soy sauce was just the right amount of saltiness and the pickled vegetables mingled well with their sweet and garlicky flavor.




Land: Lamb with Green Curry and Chickpea Salad

The lamb, again, was delectable. They cook it so well here. I am not a huge chickpea fan outside of some hummus because of the almost dry consistency inside of them but this salad was quite nice. Everything was so warm and tender it was like a child’s bedtime story.



Pre-Dessert: Strawberry Panacotta

A pre-dessert? Yes, thanks!


Dessert: Moonshine. Mango Cream, Banana Cake and Sour Cream Ice Cream

How do they create such beautiful desserts with the absurdity of a Pee Wee Herman movie but the style of Coco Chanel? It is at the same time too beautiful to eat but so hard to not stick my face in it. I loved this plate the moment it was set in front of me. The tastes were sour and sweet and creamy and rich. It was divine.




Dessert: Cheongdam Pie. Apple Pie and Cheesecake with Frozen Apple Jell.

Apple pie? Game!

I had to know how a Korean fine dining restaurant did an apple pie and I wasn’t disappointed. Fine little buttery pastry bits layered with cheesecake and apple and cinnamon cream, its topped with rosemary ice cream (ahhhmazing) and little frozen apples with a sweet jell coating each piece making them sparkle and shine like a cheerleader’s teeth. I very much enjoyed devouring this beautiful apple pie.




Tea: Citrus


Tea Dessert

What else do you need after a five course meal?

More dessert. Obviously.

❤ this presentation!


Tiny Green Tea Macaroon


Tiny Carrot Cake


And introducing: Various Stages of Eating by Crystal


Still holding it all together. Haven’t tried the food yet but there’s a frenzy going on behind that calm.


There’s some happiness brewing with a tiny little burger.


Really full but can’t handle the little spoon. Tiny things are just too cute.


Work first. Gorge second.


Full tummy. Gloriously happy.


Address: 83-24 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea  #82 2-517-4654 (Staff do speak English.)


  1. The food porn in this post is epic. Do you know exactly how to get there and what was the cost? I would love to take the wife there for V-day. Great post and photos. I’m starving now 🙂

    • Thank youuu! This place would be perfect for Valentine’s Day…good for you for thinking about it so early! lol…I don’t have the exact directions because we took a cab both ways. But the closest subway is Apgujeong Station and its near Dosan Park. Sorry for not posting but this is the website, http://jungsik.kr/seoul/#index, and the address, a map and all the menus plus pricing is on there. Lunch is by far much less expensive AND its just as tasty as the dinner. 😀

  2. i couldn’t agree more with derek. the intensity of foodporn in this post is crazy.. and look at the presentation of everything! so awesome wow, will definitely try to visit when i’m back in korea 🙂

  3. Ahhh, I still have not made it here, and your pics are definitely providing some serious motivation! Must. Get. There. Soon. (but I can’t deal with slime either, so will have to choose accordingly) 😉

    • Lol…I have to check into those rice dishes next time! “Can I have the LEAST slimiest, please??” But, yes, please go! I think its well worth all my hype, hah.

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