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A Peachy Christmas Roundup

For all the frustration, stress and changes that were taking place during my Christmas season I am happy to say I still had a wonderful December. I was coated head to toe in holiday spirit, thanks to friends and Seoul. There was just a lot of Christmas-y-ness going around and I was really thankful for that.

I also got to travel home and see my family. It was too short, of course, but there were hugs and food all around. Made it totally worth it.

First up, a frigid day in Seoul Christmas shopping, eating, tea drinking and heading over to my coworker’s show, Handel’s Messiah. It was a beautiful performance, I was so impressed with this amazing, completely volunteer choir and symphony.

Next, I finished up my Christmas decorating! Then presents wrapped! 

After arriving home, I headed to Farmington, the meeting spot for my grandma and me. It has an awesome old town area and there were two new, awesome finds there. The first was a chocolate/candy shop that is simple adorable, Sweetheart Chocolates. 

Our next stop was at the 12 West Bar and Grill. I’ve seen this place a few times but this was our first stop in.  As we walked in my grandma saw a wide plank wooden floor and commented about how she liked it. As the greeter was trying to take her hand to help her up a step he said, “Thank you, I made that floor.”  Rather than taking his hand my grandma high-fived him for making the floor. hahaha…Hilarious. Either she’s not used to gentlemen or she is just way too cool for me. This place had amazing desserts and service. I’ll be back there. 

Now its on to my New Year’s resolution thingys. I’ve got to try to make a list this year and be organized about it. I’m 35. I’ve got to make lists now or I forget everything. 😀

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