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Party | Flower Garland

It’s the season of the party. Get your garland making skills ready and impress your friends with your totally tubular taste.  Pick the colors that represent you and what you want your party to look like.  I made this one for any ‘ol occasion but decided to use it for my Thanksgiving table. I painted some truly heinous orange pumpkins to match the garland and it all really came together.

The how-to it in the gallery below. Just click on the pictures to see the directions. Have fun!2014-07-22 18.10.26 2014-07-22 18.39.52 SAM_2716  SAM_2718

All done up...

All done up…


What you need: 

  • colored paper
  • string or cord
  • hot glue and gun
  • scissors
  • circles cut into 4.5″ diameters




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