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Reminiscing | Thanksgiving 2013


Last Thanksgiving was wonderful (except for my ever present sinus infections) because almost all my plans came to fruition. I was very happy with the state of my cooking and deco. So happy, in fact, I neglected to take many pictures of the food.  It wasn’t until I was stuffed and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that I realized my photos were poo.

I won’t make that mistake this year but I will be making beaucoup plans again. Since so many things worked out last year the menu will be very similar with some additions!

Enjoy last years warmth and fun through these pictures! I can’t wait to show off the full spread this year as well!



  • Cheese
    • Brie, English cheddar and  a chili flavored cheese that was in German so I couldn’t read it.  I included a cream cheese flavored with chives, garlic, salt & pepper.
  • Vehicle
    • French bread
  • Crunchy
    • Almonds and pickles
  • Sweet
    • Sauteed strawberries with sugar


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