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Apsan Mountain | Daegu

Up on top of a mountain I had no idea I was climbing that day, is a very nice view of Daegu City in South Korea. But, you have to get there by cablecar. I have to admit I didn’t really want to do it. I wasn’t prepared to hike up even part of a mountain. I was wearing inappropriate clothing and unsupportive shoes. I was lugging around an overnight bag. And, more importantly,  I am now uber terrified of all safety procedures, measures and faux precautions taken in Korea as there are WAY too many deadly accidents. Right before we went up in our tin-car of terror, 12 poor souls had just died at a concert in Seoul by falling through a street grate to a parking garage under the ground.  It’s all I could think about.

I am just not that convinced Korea knows anything about safety. So the trip up was dramatic for me.

Luckily it was uneventful.  The view is of the entire city of Daegu and it is quite nice.  It was a bit hazy this day and the pictures are blurrier than I would have liked. But, there was fresh air and nice weather. The hike really isn’t that bad if you are dressed for it.  You could also walk to the top, not take the cable car. It’s up to you!

You can check out more information here: Daegu Apsan Park 

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