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An Accidental French Day


I didn’t set out to do a French day but that’s what happened this weekend. Once I pieced it all together I was quite proud of myself for accidentally being awesome.


My friend, Phil, and I headed first to Seoul’s French Village, Seorae. We had no intention of eating French food, we were there for an American Burger. (See proof here.) But, since we were in the neighborhood, we decided that our dessert could be very French indeed.

We stopped at Hotel Douce (Hotel Sweet). It is pretty damn adorable. Incidentally, Hotel Douce is the bakery for L’ecole Douce (Sweet School-tres adorable) which is a French baking school located around the same area.  Want to try your hand at learning to bake some French delights? Read all about it here.

My eclair was a bit overdone, I must admit, but the cream was divine. The mille-feuille (or Napoleon) had a wonderful cream was well.

Hours: 11a to 9p
Address: Dasom Building, Banpo-dong 90-10, 1st floor, Seocho District
Tel: (02) 595-5705

And then we were stuffed and off the the National Museum of Korea where there was one last day for the exhibit: Beyond Impressionism, Masterpieces from the Muse d’Orsay. There were 175 works, the largest amount D’Orsey has ever lent out, from the museum, which was amazing, and the place was popping.  You can read more about it here.

As I couldn’t take pictures I’d like to show you a sample of what we saw.

And after  a long and exhausting fight through 10000000 people and their children –Why? WHY do you bring children to grown up art exhibits, Korea? Let me tell you how much kids like Impressionists. ________(croaking frogs)__________. That much.–we made our way out of the museum and found a cute little gypsy jazz band playing music that sounded straight out of a movie!  You can learn more about them here!


The magic of Seoul! A wonderful day on accident.

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